It’s Not Just About Being Cute! Unique Idol Groups With Quirky Concepts

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It’s Not Just About Being Cute! Unique Idol Groups With Quirky Concepts

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The world of idols is a crowded one. With so much talent and personality, idol groups have to jostle for the spotlight and set themselves apart from the rest. The frontrunners like AKB48 and Momoiro Clover Z may have defined the mainstream, but there are some groups who set out to break the mold. They go out of the way to distinguish themselves, by carving out a quirky identity and not being afraid to express themselves differently. These idol groups have unique concepts that you won’t see elsewhere!

Office Concept: Kapu Shikigaisha Hyper Motivation

There are tons of idol groups with a school concept and cute uniforms. But how about a business company? Kapu Shikigaisha Hyper Motivation, abbreviated to “Hymoti”, gets down to business with their office-based theme and a “bright and energetic with high motivation!” management philosophy. Divided into a sales department, public relations department and general affairs department, Hymoti’s members are ready to exceed your expectations with their smiles.

Official site:

Retro Concept: Bed-In


While every other group is charging ahead with the times, Bed-In defiantly turns back in time to revisit an era when Japan was at the height of their economic prosperity in—the 80s. The self-produced unit goes retro all the way, bringing back the brash glamor of the late 20th century with gaudy fashion and spunk. With Kaori Masukodera’s powerful vocals and Chuusonji Mai’s electrifying guitar, Bed-In bursts into the underground idol scene with a blast from the past. They may have debuted in 2016, but these girls are living in the old glory of the 80s.

Official site:

Danso (Cross-dressing) Concept: Fudanjuku


If you didn’t know any better you might have assumed this was a group of handsome young men or, as Japanese people call it, ikemen. And that’s not unjustifiable, because that’s exactly what the cross-dressing ladies of Fudanjuku set out to do. Since 2007, the idol unit has garnered scores of excited female fans who flock to their lives to catch a performance of the irresistibly handsome members. With a mission to energize their audience, Fudanjuku lets their suave charm captivate all sorts of people through powerful performances.

Official site:

Baseball Concept: Zettai Chokkyu Joshi! Playballs


Idols are always in good spirits, especially when they’re dancing and singing for a lively crowd of fans. In the midst of the idol scene, PlayBalls takes that one step further and plays hardball with their passion for baseball. The members all have experience with baseball, and use their singing and dancing talents to promote their beloved sport through their performances while keeping in line with the Japanese baseball seasons. Be sure to catch them at their live shows as they wind up to pitch and hit a home run with their bright energy.

Official site:

Travel Concept: PASSPO☆


One of the most classic experiences of airplane rides is the beautiful cabin crew, who are always poised and ready to serve with a smile. PASSPO☆ takes on the guise of cabin attendants, dressed to the nines in elegant stewardess attire but with an added spark. The seven young women have more than enough talent and power to fuel an unforgettable experience with their shows. They’ve been part of the lineup at Tokyo Idol Festival since 2010, and it looks their voyage is far from over. They’re ever ready to take you on an exciting journey, so why not buckle up and join them on an adventure?

Official site:

Marshmallow Girl Concept: Chubbiness


The “pocchari boom” has descended on Japan, and the rise of chubby girls is still going strong. In 2013 the idol group was formed with members who had different weight standards from the average female in Japan. They may be considered chubby, but that is very much seen as a good thing in this group—they’re affectionally called “marshmallow girls”. The plus-size group carries a kind of power in their own class, armed with their confidence and buoyant charm. With a goal to encourage people to love and accept their own body image, Chubbiness lets their positive energy shine through.

Official site:

Never let it be said that all Japanese idols all look the same! There is endless potential for variety, and the growing competition gives idol groups the motivation to stand out with their own distinct personality.

Check out these idol groups at Tokyo Idol Festival from August 4 to 6 at Odaiba, Tokyo. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore the dynamic range of performances and personalities for a sizzling summer.

Tokyo Idol Festival official site:

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