Madoka Umemoto Announces Graduation From SKE48! Hazuki Kurokawa Announces Hiatus From NMB48!

Madoka Umemoto Announces Graduation From SKE48! Hazuki Kurokawa Announces Hiatus From NMB48!

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Madoka Umemoto announced her graduation from SKE48 during the Team E performance of “Te wo Tsunaginagara” at the SKE48 Theater in Nagoya on February 3, 2016. In a statement released on SKE48’s official site, Umemoto thanked the fans for supporting her since she joined the group as a 4th generation member in 2010. She explained that through working with Nagoya Grampus and on the web sports program “SKE48 Umemoto Madoka no Supo-Kon” (SKE48 Madoka Umemoto’s Sports Spirit), she realized that she wanted to work in that field and would be graduating to get closer to realizing her dreams. Her final appearances as a member of SKE48 will be announced at a later date.

At roughly the same time halfway across the country, Hazuki Kurokawa announced her hiatus from NMB48 during the Team BII performance of “Saka Agari” at the NMB48 Theater in Osaka. Kurokawa confirmed her intentions via a post on the NMB48 Official Blog later that evening. She explained that she would be taking a hiatus from NMB48 beginning on February 4, 2016 to focus on her studies and while she had thought about graduating, she still had things she wanted to do and did not want to have any regrets if she left NMB48 too early. The projected length of Kurokawa’s absence will be about 4 months, meaning that she would be missing NMB48’s 2016 Live House Tour. She apologized for the sudden announcement and hoped that she will have been able to become a better and stronger person by the time she is able to return.

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