Team Syachihoko released “The virtual public viewing system with pen light function” for the first time in the world!

Team Syachihoko released “The virtual public viewing system with pen light function” for the first time in the world!

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Team Syachihoko, the idol group from Nagoya finally released the new single “Ai no Chikyuu Sai” on October 30! The title song “Ai no Chikyuu Sai” which composed and arranged by Minoru Comorita attract great attention with eccentric music development and catchy refrain jump over the limit of idol. “A-Kaigishitu” a grope in the dark musical program of Warner exhibit the live video of this song “Ai no Chikyuu sai”.

In the meantime, to celebrate the release of the new single, “Team Syachihoko ≪Ai no Chikyuu Sai≫Fure Fure! Pen Light Viewing” exhibited on the special page (

“Team Syachihoko ≪Ai no Chikyuu Matsuri≫ is “The virtual public viewing system with penlight function” for the first time in the world which you can experience virtual live cheering by synchronizing your smartphone and PC on the network and shaking your smartphone with the music video or live video of “Ai no Chikyuu Sai” to wave the virtual pen light on the screen of PC.

It recognizes vertical swing and horizontal swing with the speed of 5 levels by using acceleration sensor of the smartphone. Furthermore, it reproduces the real feeling of the use of the pen light by recognition of your Kechak action. You can choose the color of pen light from among six member’s color and it determines your Oshi-mem (favorite member) by length of the color which you had chosen. You can watch the thanks message from your Oshi-mem after playing.



■System Requirements
●Required Model
iPhone4 or later iOS4.2 or later, Smartphone with Android4 or later
※Please install an application which you can read QR code.

●Required Web browser
Internet Explore 9.0 or later, Safari 6.0 or later
※It may need to do some special setting if you use a browser other than the above.
・Please connect your smartphone with wi-fi or LTE4G.
・You need to reconnect when your smartphone comes to sleep mode, so we recommend you to set a longer sleep setting (more than 3minutes).
・Detailed instruction manual is available here (Japanese only).

Still further, Team Syachihoko is conducting the Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka tour named “ZeppZeppBLITZ”. They will soon have a live at Zepp Nagoya on November 4 and at Zepp Namba on November 10. Holding of the one-man live “Ai no Chikyuu Matsuri 2013” is also determined at Aichi-ken Taiikukan(Gymnasium of Aichi prefecture)where the capacity is 5000 people on December 21.

★Ai no Chikyuu Matsuri 2013 Teaser Movie

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written by Naoya SAKAÏ

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