Team Syachihoko Reveals Video Clip for “Enjoy Jinsei”

Team Syachihoko Reveals Video Clip for “Enjoy Jinsei”

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Team Syachihoko has revealed the Video Clip for “Enjoy Jinsei (enjoy life)” which is included in their latest single “Iikurashi.”
This video is composed of live footages from the past one-man concerts: “Zepp FINAL!2014 – Arigatou wo Tsutaetakute” and “Tenchou Summit!!! -Arigatou wo Tsutaekirenakute.” As well as the stage performance scenes, you can see the behind-the-scene footages such as dance lesson, dinner, and so on.

By the way, this Video Clip was unveiled for the first time during the Ustream program “Syachihoko TV” aired on May 21. They also shared the news that their latest single “Iikurashi” won 2nd place (the highest position in the group’s history) in Oricon Weekly Ranking.
To celebrate the news, Honoka Akimoto made a toast with Yasai Seikatsu 100, a vegetable juice that Syachihoko serves as the campaign mascot. Chiyuri Ito expressed her delight with her family saying “Yatta~!!!” Haruna Sakamoto, who was almost falling asleep, said in calm voice “I’m glad to win 2nd place. It’s awesome! It is next to the first place.”

In addition, the live DVD & Blu-ray for “Team Syachihoko Ai no Chikyu Matsuri 2013 in Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium” was just released today on May 28.

“Enjoy Jinsei” Video Clip

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Iikurashi / Team Shachihoko

Team Shachihoko Ai no Chikyu Matsuri 2013 in Aichi Ken Taiiku Kan / Team Shachihoko

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