SUPER☆GiRLS marks its 4th Anniversary. The group to Try Webcasting a Live Show Backstage in 3D!

SUPER☆GiRLS marks its 4th Anniversary. The group to Try Webcasting a Live Show Backstage in 3D!

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SUPER☆GiRLS has been together now for 4 years as of June 12th. On the 12th, in celebrating the 4th anniversary, members including Hikaru Watanabe, Mirei Tanaka, Ami Maeshima, and Nana Asakawa broadcasted live on a Ustream.
In the program, they cherished lots of memories such as the Budokan live show on June 11th last year, and also talked about the live show in Pacifico Yokohama on February 23rd this year.

After Saori Yasaka, former leader, graduated from the group at the live show on February 23rd, SUPER☆GiRLS opened their second chapter as a 12 member group, welcoming three new members including iDOL Street’s street-sei members, Nana Asakawa and Risa Uchimura, as well as Koume Watanabe, former Party Rockets member.
Mirei Tanaka, who is currently appearing on a rising TV drama “First Class”, said “When I watch a video of our live show in Pacifico Yokohama, I still can’t stop crying by feeling a rush of all sorts of emotions. It’s been four years since I made my debut. I’m recalling lots of memories because so many things have happened since then.”

SUPER☆GiRLS announced that they will premiere their 11th single “Ahhahha! – Chozetsu Bakusho Ondo”, which is to be released on August 13th, at the “SUPER☆GiRLS 4th Anniversary SP iDOL Street Carnival 2014” in Tokyo Dome City Hall on June 21st.


Also, it was announced that the group will try webcasting a live show backstage in 3D.
This is a new attempt to broadcast dressing room and backstage scenes online in 3D, not a live show itself. It will be webcast on live from different angles in three programs such as nicovideo as well as Ustream channels for SUPER☆GiRLS and Cheeky Parade.

The 3D Live-casting channels

NicoVideo :
Cheeky Parade USTREAM channel “C.P.Ust!?” :

*Please confirm the broadcasting time at the official website

SUPER☆GiRLS official website :

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