SUPER☆CASTLE at Tokyo Dome City Hall: SUPER☆GiRLS First Solo Concert of 2015!

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SUPER☆CASTLE at Tokyo Dome City Hall: SUPER☆GiRLS First Solo Concert of 2015!

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SUPER☆GiRLS held their amazing first solo concert of 2015 at Tokyo Dome City Hall on January 10th.

With a theme of a fantasy story book, the stage was a SUPER☆CASTLE and the 12 members were princesses who had to save their kingdom from evil. SUPER☆GiRLS marched on to the stage accompanied by color guard, each one bearing a flag for each member. Ami Maeshima delivered the opening pledge before the group launched into “Hanamichi!! Ambitious”, beginning the concert with an explosion of fireworks. The up-tempo “Supa-Ga Rock” (term used to describe SUPER☆GiRLS’ style of upbeat songs) continued with “Joshiryoku←Paradise”, “Zettai Jibun Zenshin Sengen”, and “Kira・Pure・POWER!” before SUPER☆GiRLS paused to greet the fans assembled on this cold winter day.

Rika Shimura, Rina Miyazaki, Rino Katsuta, Ruka Mizote, Ami Maeshima, and Risa Uchimura remained on stage to explain the princess concept of the concert, which resulted in bursts of laughter as Katsuta added “o” to a lot of words that didn’t normally have it like “o-keeki” (cake) and “o-ramen” and Fukuoka native Miyazaki saying that even if she was a princess, she would still eat mentaiko (spicy cod roe which Fukuoka is famous for). Mizote’s voice was temporarily squeaky after being startled by the fireworks going off during the first song.

After a short video intermission moving along the story of the 12 princesses, Hikaru Watanabe appeared on stage wearing a billowy dress and tap dance battled against an unseen pianist before being joined on stage by Aya Goto, Reira Arai, Koume Watanabe, Nana Asakawa, and Mirei Tanaka for “Girl’s Party -my friend Jenny-“. This was followed by another unit song “Junjou Cindrella” performed by Shimura, Katsuta, Mizote, Maeshima, Miyazaki, and Uchimura before all 12 members returned to the stage for “Ren’ai Manifest”.

The concert slowed down under the chapter titled “Starry Night of the Princess” as SUPER☆GiRLS, dressed in black sang “Ren’ai Rule”, the audience swooning as Maeshima and Mizote yelled out the “Daisuki!” line from the lyrics. The slow songs continued with “Hoshikuzu Love Song”, “WAKE UP! ~Onna no ko no Chikara~”, “Sora Iro no Kiseki”, and “Egao no Hane”. Ruka Mizote’s voice was completely recovered as she delicately sang her solo lines for “Yakusoku no Hanataba”. While this report is on the daytime show, during the evening show this segment was dominated by SUPER☆GiRLS’ summery songs ” Minamikaze Paya Paya”, “Puri Puri♥SUMMER Kiss”, “PAN-PAKA-PAN!”, “Tokonatsu High Touch”, and “Ahhahha! ~Chouzetsu Bakushou Ondo~”.

With its ominous music and scenes of dragons and evil queens, the “Battle of the Princess” chapter shifted things back into high gear, with flames shooting from the stage during the funky rock of “Extra ni Yoru Parade”. SUPER☆GiRLS threw frisbees into the seats during “Akai Jounetsu”, as audience members strained to catch them. Rino Katsuta and Rina Miyazaki did synchronized cartwheels during “Yume no Inryoku” and the fans tirelessly jumped along during “Ganbatte Seishun” and “EveryBody JUMP!!”. Metallic confetti burst out from the ceiling at the start of “MAX! Otome Gokoro” as the main part of the concert came to an end.

The video of SUPER☆GiRLS’ upcoming 12th single “Gira Gira Revolution” was revealed for the first time and the clapping and penlight waving by the fans during its screening was not in vain as the group returned to perform the song shortly after. However, the air was sucked out of Tokyo Dome City Hall as Aya Goto announced her graduation from SUPER☆GiRLS and retirement from the entertainment world at the end of March. More details can be found in this article. Perhaps to dispel the sad news, the final song of the daytime show was the cheerful “Miracle ga Tomannai!”.

Aside from the announcement of Aya Goto’s graduation, it looks like SUPER☆GiRLS are ready to have a SUPER☆YEAR in 2015 based on their powerful and energetic performance at Tokyo Dome City Hall on January 10th. With Girls Street 2020 launching, don’t miss the next chapter of their sparkling revolution!

Daytime Setlist
01. Hanamichi!! Ambitious
02. Joshiryoku←Paradise
03. Zettai Jibun Zenshin Sengen
04. Kira・Pure・POWER!
05. Girl’s Party -my friend Jenny-
06. Junjou Cinderella
07. Ren’ai Manifest
08. Ren’ai Rule
09. Hoshikuzu Love Song
10. WAKE UP! ~Onna no ko no Chikara~
11. Sora Iro no Kiseki
12. Egao no Hane
13. Yakusoku no Hanataba
14. Extra ni Yoru Parade
15. Akai Jounetsu
16. Survival
18. Yume no Inryoku
19. Ganbatte Seishun
20. EveryBody JUMP!!
21. MAX! Otome Gokoro

Gira Gira Revolution
Miracle ga Tomannai!

Evening Setlist
01. Hanamichi!! Ambitious
02. Joshiryoku←Paradise
03. 1,000,000☆Smile
04. Rave Together!!!
05. Girl’s Party -my friend Jenny-
06. Mega★Twinkle
07. Ren’ai Rule
08. Minamikaze Paya Paya
09. Puri Puri♥SUMMER Kiss
11. Tokonatsu High Touch
12. Ahhahha! ~Chouzetsu Bakushou Ondo~
13. Egao no Hane
14. Dear~Mirai no Chizu~
15. Extra ni Yoru Parade
17. Catch the Dream
19. Ganbatte Seishun
20. EveryBody JUMP!!
21. MAX! Otome Gokoro

Gira Gira Revolution
Tokimeki Iro no Kaze to Kimi
Be with you

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Photos by @ishiduu

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