SKE48 Shine Bright at Tokyo Idol Festival 2017!

SKE48 Shine Bright at Tokyo Idol Festival 2017!

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Nagoya-based group of the 48 franchise SKE48 opened the final day of Tokyo Idol Festival 2017 at HOT STAGE on August 6th. The excitement of crowd rivaled that of the early morning midsummer heat as “Overture” began to play, SKE48 bursting onto the stage full of energy, performing one of their most popular summer songs “Pareo wa Emerald” followed by the cheerful “Sansei Kawaii!”. Team S captain Ryouha Kitagawa stood at the center position previously held by former member Rena Matsui, alongside eternal ace Jurina Matsui.

After performing “Mirai to wa…”, it was then time for the group to take a break to greet the audience, waving their hands cheerfully in the shining sunlight despite the early hour. “So many people came this morning, you guys are amazing!” Jurina Matsui exclaimed, flashing a bright smile and waving to the people in the very back of the audience. All 16 selected members introduced themselves one by one, Team KII Sarina Souda reminding everyone of her outstanding 8th place ranking in the 2017 senbatsu sousenkyo.

Jurina Matsui then introduced the next song, the rarely performed, especially in such an event as Tokyo Idol Festival, “Bukiyou Taiyou”, a mellow track in sharp contrast with the usual energetic and dance-heavy SKE48 style, instead focusing on the members’ singing. They then performed the dramatic and cool “Sekai ga naiteru nara”, before pausing one last time.

The last segment of the 30-minute set was introduced by Yuna Obata, SKE48’s fresh new center. Obata shouted to the audience, “Let’s all splash together!” as they jumped into their latest single, “Igai ni Mango”. The live performance ended with another cheerful iconic song as SKE48 put an exclamation mark on the day with “Banzai Venus”.


Just as the members were about to leave, a surprise video announced that 1st generation member Masana Oya have her graduation concert at Nippon Gaishi Hall on September 24th. As everyone was getting excited, Masana Oya herself then stepped on stage, surprising both members and the audience with this unplanned appearance! After thanking everyone, she and fellow 1st generation member Jurina Matsui hugged tight as they left the stage.


Masana Oya announced her graduation on June 26th and will graduate on September 24th, in a concert taking place right before the franchise’s annual rock-paper-scissors tournament event.

Photos by Nathan Gey

Set List

00 Overture
01 Pareo wa Emerald
02 Sansei Kawaii!
03 Mirai to wa
04 Bukiyou Taiyou
05 Sekai ga naiteru nara
06 Igai ni Mango
07 Banzai Venus

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