Hidden tracks of SKE48 have been determined to be out!!

Hidden tracks of SKE48 have been determined to be out!!

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SKE48 announced, in the Team E’s “Boku no Taiyo” live in SKE theater at Sakae, Nagoya, on August 29, that four titles of “SKE48 Theater Performance Studio Recording CD” are going to be out on October 9.

Those titles of the four CDs are “Party ga Hajimaruyo” by Team S 1st performance, “Aitakatta” by Team KII 1st performance, “Pajamas Drive” by Team E 1st, and “Saka-agari” by Team E 2nd. The sound source of the members who already graduated from the group will be included as well. They have now become an eagerly-awaited treasure boxes.

As the SKE48 Captain Nakanishi Yuuka declared that “SKE becomes 5 years old. The whole things started from here,” it features all the history to about the release of those performance CDs.

Members Comments

Team S, Nakanishi Yuuka, “1st generation members have lost their numbers 23 to 7 now. Please check back our history with the Team S 1st set “Party ga Hajimaruyo.”

Team K II, Takayanagi Akane, “”Aitakatta” is what I am, a performance full of freshness. I am grad if you look back our history with us♪ This performance has lots of classic songs fade-less, please listen to our voices at the time.”

Team E, Umemoto Madoka, “The “Pajamas Drive” live in the snowy night, on January 16, 2011, was the first show for Team E. The show is full of our memories of 16 members who overcome a wall of trial and error together.”

Team E, Kimoto Kanon, “”I really have a feeling to “Saka-agari” live. We’ve experienced how the team gradually united together through the performances. I had come to love this show! We put our lot of love for Team E into the CD.

Trailer for SKE48 Theater Live Studio Recording CD

written by Yuji Hara

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