Serious School Drama? NGT48 Takes a Field in the MV for “Shutsujin”

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Serious School Drama? NGT48 Takes a Field in the MV for “Shutsujin”

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NGT48 play a school drama in the MV for “Shutsujin” from their debut single “Seishun Dokei” (release date: April 12)!

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“Shutsujin” is a unit song featuring Team NIII Yuka Ogino (center), Anju Sato, Moeka Takakura, Ayaka Tano, Marina Nishigata, Fuka Murakumo, Maho Yamaguchi, and Kenkyusei Miharu Nara and Nanako Nishimura.

The MV starts with the teacher’s serious announcement, saying “I announce this as you trust you guys, but Moeka Takakura is going to drop-out the school. Even in this situation, all of you are thinking in the same way?”. What does it suggest? It seems that Moeka has some reasons that she had to choose to leave the school. Moeka shows up at the school afterward with her parents, and the MV ends where other members look at her and give meaningful looks. More than 13-minutes full version MV will be included in the single’s Type-A.

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