Rilakkuma x TOWER RECORDS Campaign Shakes Things up in Shibuya Again

Rilakkuma x TOWER RECORDS Campaign Shakes Things up in Shibuya Again

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Celebrating its 6th year in action, the Rilakkuma x TOWER RECORDS campaign has begun once more this summer! Known as Rilakkuma’s Idol Debut, this year features Rilakkuma as a sparkling roller disco star from the 70s. In-store events such as ‘Relax Tour 2014’, Rilakkuma visits, and endless collaboration goods await you!

Rilakkuma, Korirakkuma and Kiiroitori in their new gear

Mugs with the new design

Clear-files and folders

But the event doesn’t end here. For a limited-time, on the 2nd floor of TOWER RECORDS in Shibuya there will be a Rilakkuma-themed café. Having opening earlier this month, the Rilakkuma Factory Tower Records Café is open only until August 31st! In addition to main classics such as curry, they have plenty of deserts for those with a sweet-tooth. Those looking for something a little more simple may enjoy the latte with Rilakkuma’s face staring cutely back at you! On your way out, don’t forget to check out the café-only goods, with mugs, totes, and even a CD!

From curry to sweets and even after-meal lattes, Rilakkuma Factory has you covered

Café-only goods

Rilakkuma’s Original CD, best for when you’re relaxing!

Rilakkuma Factory Tower Records Café

Available: July 10th~August 31st
Business Hours: 10:00am-11:00pm (Last Order is at 10:00pm)
※8/4 the 2nd floor of Tower Records is closed for maintenance

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