Tokyo Girls’ Update Monthly Ranking May 2014 – Who is Crowned the No.1 Artist?

Tokyo Girls’ Update Monthly Ranking May 2014 – Who is Crowned the No.1 Artist?

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We’re adding up the number of “likes” and “how many people talking about it” on facebook and publish the top 10 articles in a ranking format.
For the artist that comes first, the TGU editorial team plans to give him/her original coverage through interviews etc.
So who will be crowned the No.1 artist?

Well then, let us present the top 10 articles from the May 2014 SNS RANKING all at once!

1 : ClariS

Alice will be graduating from ClariS in order to concentrate on studies.

posted on May 26 | 3,678 points



The artist crowned the No.1 artist is “ClariS” who announced Alice’s graduation.
The announcement confused fans a lot, and everyone worried about ClariS’s feature activites.

2 : AKB48 / Aki Takajo

AKB48′s Aki Takajo Chops Off Her Long Hair for Lead Role in TV Tokyo’s Drama “SAVEPOINT”

posted on May 18 | 2945 points



To fans surprise, AKB48 Aki Takajo chop off her long hair!

3 : 48Group

AKB48 Reveals Trailer for New DVD “AKB48 One-man Spring Concert in National Olympic Stadium”

posted on May 19 | 2,706 points



AKB48’s largest ever concert was held at National Olympic Stadium, that will be dismantled and repaired from this June, on March 29.

Other articles, were ranked in the top 10, are as follows.
So who will be crowned the next No.1 artist?

4. Rena Matsui’s “Kill La Kill Ryuko” Poster Becomes Hot Topic!
posted on May 24 | 2,682 points

5. Yuko Oshima’s graduation performance day changed to June 9
posted on May 15 | 2,420 points

6. Rurika Yokoyama Reveals MV for New Single “Shunkan Diamond”
posted on May 25 | 2,240 points

7. DIANNA☆SWEET to Release Much-Awaited 3rd Single “ICECREAM MAGIC” in July!
posted on May 28 | 2,161 points

8. 9nine’s New Album “MAGI9 PLAYLAND” to Feature Live Footage from “Perfume × 9nine” Special Collaboration Live!
posted on May 21 | 1,996 points

9. Silent Siren Reveals the NEW MV “Lucky Girl”
posted on May 22 | 1,971 points

10. Must Listen All Songs Preview for Tokyo Girls’ Style New Album “Killing Me Softly”
posted on May 29 | 1,864 points

*points = (likes + shares + comments + link clicks)

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TGU Editorial Team

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