Live Your Life and Shine Doing What You Love! Anna Tsuchiya Recommends R-GLOW SHAMPOO, a Handy Item for Mothers

Live Your Life and Shine Doing What You Love! Anna Tsuchiya Recommends R-GLOW SHAMPOO, a Handy Item for Mothers

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On October 27, Anna Tsuchiya who is a mother of 4 children as well as fashion model, actress and singer, together with the 7-months pregnant singer BENI, and reality romance TV program “TERRACE HOUSE” star Seina Shimabukuro, appeared on stage for the new product release event ‘R-GLOW SHAMPOO/TREATMENT‘ and spoke on topics from their hairstyles to how they shine as individuals.

‘R-GLOW SHAMPOO/TREATMENT’ contains a lot of natural ingredients such as honey and figs, and gently protects hair. It uses ingredients that protect against heat, making it easier to coordinate hairstyles and make coloring last longer.

The three stars came coordinating with the shampoo’s orange color, accenting their makeup and fashion with orange. The orange color represents the “extraordinary”, and comes with an elegant fragrance and the color of R-GLOW to create a feeling of bliss.


During the talk session
Discussing hairstyles they want to try one day,
Anna Tsuchiya, who has expressed her unique style with over 8 hair colors from green to purple, to pink, said:
“My hair isn’t dyed now, but I want to grow it long enough to reach my bottom. Pink was my favorite color among the hair colors I had ever experienced, but the color fades easily, so I wish I had known of R-GLOW then.
I love going to the beach and playing sports, but my hair gets damaged by sunlight or discolored by seawater. The shampoo alone has a moist sensation just like a treatment, and it’s a great item for moms who hardly have the chance to go to the salon.”


On one occasion, Anna Tsuchiya gave her words of wisdom from experience to Seina Shimabukuro, who said “I want to dye my hair blonde”.
Anna Tsuchiya responded with advice:
“Going blonde tends to hurt, so it’s important to take care of it.
Blonde hair makes your skin color look beautiful, and once you have blonde hair, you can easily have any hair color afterward so you can enjoy it.”


When asked what occasions felt like their shining moments,
Anna Tsuchiya responded:
“It’s best to do what you like.
As a mother, I’m happy to see the smiles of my children, but you should also immerse yourself in doing what you like even as you get older.”


BENI made a heartwarming comment:
“In the moments I feel love both on stage and at home.”


Seina Shimabukuro said:
“It’s exciting and fun when think about the design of the clothes and jewelry that I produce. It’s the moments where I enjoy working.”


Finally, soon-to-be mother BENI said:
“In order to shine, it’s important to have a relaxed mind. I think time is also important, so I think it is very important how to incorporate everyday items.”


Anna Tsuchiya said:
“I think everyone has their own shining moments. I think the most enjoyable moments are when your life is shining, so please spend a lot of time doing that and keep smiling.
I think it will help moms who have no time to go out because they stay at home and are busy with housework, so please enjoy this beauty.”

‘R-GLOW SHAMPOO/TREATMENT’ is available from early November on an online monthly subscription online.

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