Adult Idols predia Celebrate Their 5th Anniversary With a Year-End Party at Zepp Tokyo!

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Adult Idols predia Celebrate Their 5th Anniversary With a Year-End Party at Zepp Tokyo!

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Adult idol group predia took to the biggest stage in their 5 year career at Zepp Tokyo to close out 2015 on December 29th! With an average age of 26, predia have made a name for themselves with a sexiness, sophistication, and maturity that few groups can match.

Starting with their major debut song “Kowareta Ai no Hate ni”、they swung their arms in the air, bringing them down sharply in rhythm with the crunchy distorted guitar hook as the song alternated between hot and cool. Strutting across the stage like models on a catwalk and whipping their hair to the razor sharp synth riff of “you slipped away”, the tension continued to build. With the fans pumping their fists (or penlights) in the air, Rumina Murakami called out to them to get more excited as the other members danced around her and Akane Minato singing the opening lines to “Dream of Love”.

The members of predia were in high spirits as they looked out into the crowd and greeted the audience, with Yuu Maeda and Runa Matsumoto calling out with extra loud “Yahoi!” and “Wasshoi!” exclamations.

After checking to see if everyone one the first and second floors was having a good time, Rumina got their hands clapping to start the funky “Mid9t Luv”. Moving down the walkway to the island stage in the middle of the floor, predia paused midway to wave and smile at the fans. Rumina and Akane ran back to the main stage, walking back hand-in-hand while singing the opening lines of “Wedding Story”. Waving their left hands to represent the sparkling of a wedding ring, predia sang of marriage, a hot topic for many women their age.

Yuu let out another “Yahoi!” and checking to see how the audience was feeling, received a healthy response She was joined by Rumina, Reiko Aoyama, and Yuzuka Hayashi as they discussed the events of the palet concert that happened the day before. With the graduations of Saki Takeda and Yumi Nakano and the addition of 2 new members, they likened it to saying goodbye to family members. Since Yuu joined the group in 2014, the others shared stories of how weird and childish they thought she was back then. Having been the opening act when their sister PASSPO☆ group performed at Zepp Tokyo, they expressed their delight of finally being able to return for their own concert at the venue.

Continuing on with the “sexiest predia song”, according to Reiko, “Mitashite Amore”, they rolled their hips and raised their arms high above their heads. Despite it being the beginning of winter, the feeling was as hot as the middle of summer as they gazed out seductively from the stage, touching their fingers to their lips and tossing their hair.

Shaking their shoulders and running hands down their legs and snapping back up, the stifling atmosphere continued with “Hitoku no Paradise”. Striking sexy poses and playing a sexy game of peekaboo, they whipped the air and the audience into a frenzy before the stage went dark on the final beat.

There was little there could have been done to cool things down even with folding fans fluttering in the hands of predia for “Aka no Agitato”. Perhaps it was because the fans ended up dispersing their pheromones as they opened and closed them rapidly while holding them close to their bodies? Things kept heating up as they marched out to the island stage for “Voyage”. Reaching out towards the seating area, the favor was returned as hands stretched out to kecha Akane and Rumina during their lines in the middle of the song.

Runa, Yuzuka, Akina, Keiko Sawaguchi, and Mai Mizuno talked about not being able to sleep due to their excitement. Keiko mentioned that she had invited former Morning Musume. member Asami Konno to the live and how she received an encouraging text message from her due to her inability to attend. As eldest member Akina had just turned 29 on the day after Christmas, birthday wishes were shared along with playful jabs at her age. With Rumina and Akane returning to the stage they shared how it was kind of emotional to see that someone had taken the time to cut a 5 in the nori on top of the rice in their bentos in celebration of predia’s 5th anniversary.

With things having cooled off and all 10 members back on stage predia began the wintery “Namonaki Shiroi Hana Wa Kieyuku” with Rumina, Akane and Sakurako sharing the bulk of the vocal duties, their voices rising and falling like snowflakes on a windy day. With only a few spotlights shining down as the members danced while sitting in chairs, it was quite artistic.

Akane and Rumina walked out to the island stage for their duet “one more yesterday” taking opposite ends and moving towards each other before facing each other as they ended the song. A short video showing the 5-year history of predia as they worked hard to make a name for themselves as “adult idols” in an idol scene dominated by teenagers.

Having changed into their red party dresses, the members of predia stood in a row on the stage singing “You’re my Hero”, the lyrics in their own handwriting appearing on the screen at the back of the stage.

Switching quickly from sentimental to sensual, the beginning of the MV for “Setsuna no Yoru no Naka de” began to play on the screen. With the fans clapping along to the vicious synth melody and spiky bass, the members of predia rolled their hips to the beat and ran their hands down their bodies (and the bodies of other members).

A Tetsuya Komuro-esque melody signaled the beginning of “Tokyo Love Affair”. Imaginary wedding rings were removed and predia played out the different sides of adultery in the big city, reaching out for a lover and quarreling with a jilted spouse. They then took on the role of the “evil woman” with the bewitching “Utsukushiki Kodokutachi” as they struck sexy poses and wagged their fingers as if to hypnotize. Keiko and Yuu lifted each other’s chins between their fingers (ago-kui) and Akane tacked on an extra helping of “warui” (bad) to the final “warui onna” of the song.

The already upbeat “Yasoukyoku ~Akai Nokoriga no Sasoi~” shifted into a higher gear as the wall at the back of the stage opened to reveal that KANAMI, MISA, and AKANE from BAND-MAID® were predia’s backing band for the last few songs of the live. Yuzuka ran over to play air drum and bass. “Itoshiki Hito he” was next, followed by the big finish, “Going to Ride”, the members moving more aggressively, like runners approaching the finish line in first place. Rumina screamed out and the rest of predia joined her on the island stage, where they pumped their fists in the air while looking out at all those who had come out to see them on that cold December evening.

Akane and Rumina were the first to return, beginning “Kimi Mitai ni”, the rest of the group also wearing the special T-shirts and parkas that were limited to the live (and were sold-out before the live began!), who joined them moments later as they walked down towards the island stage. Waving as they sang and dance, there was a mixture of bright smiles and shining tears of happiness on their faces as they were caught up in the moment.

Thanking the audience for the encore calls, they took in the sight of so many faces smiling back at them. Yuzuka expressed her appreciation for the moment, adding that so many things had happened to predia over the past 5 years before vowing that they will keep working hard to be even bigger in their 6th year. Rumina exclaimed that she didn’t want things to end because she was having so much fun, noting that the members of predia were prone to greediness about such things. A 2016 hall tour in Osaka and Tokyo was announced and met with loud applause, particularly since the Tokyo live would fall on Akane’s birthday.

Expressing their desire to come back to Zepp Tokyo, Rumina asked everyone to come back and bring more people with them to make it happen. The final song of the evening and 2015 for predia was “BABY KISS”, a song which they said was full of all of their feelings and gratitude. Akina wiped tears from her eyes and Keiko hugged Rumina. As predia returned to the main stage, Yuzuka embraced Rumina from behind before moving on to hug Yuu as well. Akane thanked the audience again, exclaiming, “You’re all awesome!” (Minna, saikou!).

As is custom with most idol events, there was a commemorative photo taken and the fans rushed towards the stage to be included in the moment. Reiko thanked the audience, reminding them that it was because of their support that predia was able to have such a milestone event in their career. Mai broke into tears right before the group was about to do their final bow but pulled it together in the end, shouting a cheerful, “I love you all!” (Minna daisuki dayo!) as she left the stage. Another encore call started and continued until the venue staff began clearing out the seats.

predia is proof that if you have a dream, age doesn’t matter. Even though none of them are close to being what would be considered old, the career of a female is generally quite short, many electing to graduate while they are in their early 20’s in order to study abroad or “grow up and get a real job” like many of their friends. Congratulations to predia on 5 amazing years and we hope to see big things from you in the future!

Set List

01 Kowareta Ai no Hate ni
02 you slipped away
03 Dream of Love
04 Mid9t Luv
05 Wedding Story
06 Mitashite Amore
07 Hitoku no Paradise
08 Aka no Agitato
09 Voyage
10 Namonaki Shiroi Hana Wa Kieyuku
11 Silky Rain
12 one more yesterday
13 You’re my Hero
14 Setsuna no Yoru no Naka de
15 Tokyo Love Affair
16 Utsukushiki Kodokutachi
17 Yasoukyoku ~Akai Nokoriga no Sasoi~
18 Itoshiki Hito he
19 Going To Ride

E1 Kimi Mitai ni

Photos by Mime Soga

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