POP Resurrect a Nostalgic Game in the MV for “QUEEN OF POP”!

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POP Resurrect a Nostalgic Game in the MV for “QUEEN OF POP”!

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POP (Period of Plastic 2 Mercy) zip up their full-body tights and get silly in the MV for their second single “QUEEN OF POP” (release date: March 15)!

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The MV which was directed by TRIBAL HOTEL, opens with the members dashing to the middle of Shibuya’s famous scramble intersection to spell out POP with their bodies and they run through an increasingly complicated list of characters/symbols in a homage to the TV show “Moji-Moji-kun”. When you see them making a swastika or manji, that doesn’t mean that POP is a group of Nazis! It was used in many cultures as a religious symbol associated with auspiciousness before World War II. It is still used in Japan on maps to show where Buddhist temples are but there is discussion about changing all the maps in Japan before the 2020 Tokyo Olympics due to many only knowing it as symbol of hate.

Here are some screencaps!

“QUEEN OF POP” was composed by Kenta Matsukuma (BiS, BiSH) who also arranged the song with fellow SCRAMBLES member Kazuki Sato and Saki Kamiya wrote the lyrics. The coupling song “Hashiru!!” was composed and arranged by Kazuki Sato and the lyrics were written by Maaya Inukai. Those who purchase “QUEEN OF POP” at Tower Records may also get a special limited edition poster!


POP has already sold out their March 14th one-man live at Shibuya Cyclone but there may still be a few remaining for the additional date they added on March 19th at Shimokitazawa Shelter (titled “QUEEN OF SHELTER”). In addition to being one of the performers on the main stage for “Gyu-No Fes Road to Tochigi!!! Tochigi-ken he no Michi Dai Kick-Off〜Mankai! Haru no Gyu-No Idol Matsuri〜!” on April 10th at Shin-Kiba Studio Coast, POP is also touring Japan with the other 6 former members of BiS for the ANARCHY TOUR which will wrap up at Hibiya Yaon on April 29th. There’s no word if there will be any performances with POP wearing the full-body tights but, after spending half of 2015 performing in tracksuits and sauna suits, it wouldn’t be surprising if they did?

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