‘Natsuumy’ s Cute Fashion!; Japanese Next Kawaii Pop Icon! #02

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‘Natsuumy’ s Cute Fashion!; Japanese Next Kawaii Pop Icon! #02

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Natsuumy is a fashion icon that is currently gaining worldwide attention. Even though she has a cute face, the thing that catches the eye more than that is her fashion. With a style unlike anyone else, we present this feature on Natsuumy’s original style. (chapter #01)


When it comes to fashion, Natsuumy is all about “clothes that get one excited” and “unless clothes make you feel happy when you put them on, there’s no point in wearing them”. In the pictures below she is wearing looks that she’s been really into lately.

彼女がモットーにしているのは、とにかくテンションが上がる服! とのこと。「着てハッピーな気持ちにならなくちゃ意味がない」という。ちなみに最近のお気に入りコーデはこんな感じだそう。





Using bright colors and slightly unusual designs, Natsuumy’s look is cute and pop! Extremely popular with the teens of Japan, this is her fashion. We asked Natsuumy about her preferences in this exclusive interview.

明るめの色使いだったり、ちょっと変わったデザインだったり。とにかくポップ&キュートでかわいい! 日本のティーンの間では大人気の、そんなNatsuumyのファッション。こだわりについて、本人に特別インタビューをしてみました。

Q You mentioned “clothes that get one excited” but more specifically, what sort of things do you like?

Q テンション上がる服って言うけど、具体的にどんなものが好きなの?

“What could it be I wonder? (laughs) I don’t really have something like a rule saying, “This definitely gets me excited!” Anyway, something that’s fun to wear, that makes you happy is important! After that, I try to pick something with a pretty appearance or silhouette. I think that something that matches your own body looks really stylish! It makes people really happy when it looks good doesn’t it? Also, I don’t wear colors like green and orange…it’s just because they are not my taste. But it’s very natural that one doesn’t wear the colors you don’t like (laughs).”

“なんだろう?(笑) コレが絶対にテンション上がる! っていうルールみたいなのはあんまりないかも。とにかく着て楽しくなる、嬉しくなる、ってことが大事! それと、形とかシルエットがキレイなものを選ぶようにしてる。自分の体型に合ってるだけで、服がすごくおしゃれに見えると思ってて! スタイルがよく見えた方が嬉しくなるでしょ? あと緑とかオレンジとか、好きじゃない色はできるだけ着ない、とか……かな? 当たり前かもだけど(笑)。”

Q. There must be a lot of people who think things like “Even if it’s me I want to wear those clothes, but it’s too embarrassing so I can’t”. For those out there who admire Natsuumy’s fashion but lack self-confidence, what kind of advice do you have for them?

Q「私だって着たい服を着たい! わかってはいるけど、恥ずかしくてできない」なんて人も多いはず。Natsuumyのファッションに憧れるけど自信がない、って子は、どういう気持ちを持てばいいのかな?

“ I often think “I’m a girl and I’m young so when there’s something I want to wear, if I don’t wear it, I’ll definitely have regrets when I become an old lady”. It seems like my mother also liked wearing bright flashy stuff when she was younger so she’s cheering me on (laughs). Anyway, the one thing I want to say is “There’s only now! It’s pointless if you don’t do it now!” “

“女の子なんだし、若いんだし、着たいときに着たいものを着ておかないと、将来おばあちゃんになった時に絶対後悔する……そんな事をよく考えてるよ。ママも若い頃派手なファッションが好きだったらしく、応援してくれている(笑)。とりあえずウチが言いたいのは「今しかないよ! もったいないよ!」ってこと!”

“Certainly, until people were saying things like “Those clothes are really Natsuumy-like aren’t they?” a lot of people would say I’m a little crazy and do double takes when they saw me (laughs). But then again, I’m over that phase where I’d feel like “What are you looking at?” (laughs). It’s not like I’m completely used to it though! Until it’s where people are saying things like “It feel like OO’s fashion, isn’t it?” I’ll have to put up with the embarrassment.”

“確かに、その服Natsuumyっぽいね、って言われるようになるまでは、人に結構見られたし色々言われた。2度見もよくされたし(笑)。でも「なーに見てんのよw」って感じでスルー(笑)。慣れちゃえばなんてことないよ! ○○ちゃんのファッションってこんな感じだよね、って言われるようになるまで少し恥ずかしさを我慢すれば、なんてことない♪”

Q By the way, how did you get to where your fashion became like this?


“There’s a flashy pop brand called “galaxxxy”. Until I came across galaxxxy, I was just wandering around, not really knowing what I liked but when I saw galaxxxy, I thought, “This is it!” From then on, I came to understand what it was that I liked! However, but it doesn’t mean that anything that’s flashy works. There’s a very fine line between what I personally find cute and what I think is way too flashy. By the way, I am grateful to galaxxxy for allowing me to do collaborative items with them.”

“galaxxxyっていうポップで派手めな日本のファッションブランドがあって。galaxxxyに会うまでは、自分の好きな物がよくわからなくて迷走してたんだけど、galaxxxyに出会ってから「あ、これだ!」って思って。そこから自分の好きなものがなんとなくわかってきたの! でも、派手なのなら何でもいいってわけじゃないんだよ。派手すぎるのと私的にかわいいのは、結構紙一重。ちなみにありがたいことに、galaxxxyとはコラボ商品も出させて頂いている♪”



I feel that Natsuumy remembers that, in fashion there are obvious things that people tend to forget. When someone wears fashion that is true to their true selves, everyday will become fun and I think that’s a very good thing!


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Been working in girls’ fashion magazines for a long time and am now the chief editor of Tokyo Girls’ Update. I have more expertise in Japanese teen fashion than anyone else (probably)! I’m a huge fan of the Revolutionary Girl Utena and Bakemonogatari animes.

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