Samurai Schoolgirls Le Lien Cut Class in the MV for 2nd Single “Zantetsuken”!

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Samurai Schoolgirls Le Lien Cut Class in the MV for 2nd Single “Zantetsuken”!

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Girls’ band Le Lien come out swinging in the MV for their 2nd single “Zantetsuken” (release date: January 27)!

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Shot from a first person perspective, the MV for “Zantetsuken” feels a bit like a video game as the viewer is lead on a journey through a school filled with men in suits wielding pipes and baseball bats as they and the members of Le Lien fight them off. While “Zantetsuken” (斬鉄剣) is one name of the sword belonging to modern-day samurai Goemon Ishikawa XIII (Lupin III) as well as that of weapons from Final Fantasy and Soul Blazer and literally means “sword that can cut iron”. Perhaps that explains why it’s possible to fight off enemies with club-like weapons? Although this is just a short preview, the glimpse of the “final boss” hints at the showdown awaiting Le Lien. “Zantetsuken” is the January 2016 ending theme song for the popular MV show CDTV (CountDown TV).

“Zantetsuken” will be sold in 3 limited edition versions and 1 regular version. Limited edition A includes a DVD and while the contents of that have not yet been announced, the full-length MV for “Zantetsuken” is probably among the contents. Limited edition B includes a booklet and limited edition C includes 2 bonus tracks: “Tsuyoku Tsuyoku” and “Otona wa Wakatte Kurenai”. The coupling song for all versions is titled “Kimi ni Sachiare”.

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