J-POP SUMMIT 2017 Guest Interview : May’n Returns to San Francisco This Year!

J-POP SUMMIT 2017 Guest Interview : May’n Returns to San Francisco This Year!

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J-POP SUMMIT 2017 takes place on Saturday and Sunday, September 9th and 10th at the Fort Mason Center for Arts and Culture located in San Francisco’s Marina district.

Attendees will experience this year’s theme ARTS, EATS, and INNOVATIONS; a vibrant celebration of Japanese pop culture featuring live music, Japanese food and travel attractions, and interactive technologies.

This year, J-POP SUMMIT is proud to present a potent line up of music and dance artists that represent the wealth of cutting-edge talent emerging from Japan. Live concerts will be held on Saturday and Sunday nights.

May’n, a beloved ani-song performer, will perform on Saturday, September 9th. In addition to her work with anime songs, May’n has contributed to many songs for a variety of Japanese live-action television shows.

With J-POP SUMMIT close at hand, May’n has delivered a message.

For the first time in three years, I received the opportunity to perform live twice in San Francisco. I have the impression that the cityscape is absolutely gorgeous, especially since San Francisco is also the holy place of Macross Frontier (a lot of the streets and scenery are featured in the anime), so even just walking around is exciting.

I think that JPOP SUMMIT is about more than just music. It’s an event where you can experience food, fashion and a lot of Japanese culture, so I’m actually really excited myself!

May’n Music Videos

Contributor Wanted!!

After 10 years, what is the May’n of 2017 thinking about now?

Anyway, I think that I just want to have fun! There was a time when I would chase after all of these ideal thoughts like, “I want to be this way,” or, “I want to be cool,” but now I’ve learned to believe in myself, and all of the precious people that support me. So I think that it would be so nice if I could reach all of those people with exciting music so that we could spend a lot of fun time together.

Lastly, to all those attending J-POP SUMMIT, please leave the message.

After three years, it’s time for San Francisco again! I’m going to enjoy myself too and perform on stage with all that I’ve got!

September 9th (Sat) & 10th (Sun), 2017
Fort Mason Center For Arts & Culture MAP
Door Opens at 10am for VIP, 11am for General Admission
Ends on 8:30pm (Sat) & 9pm (Sun)

J-POP SUMMIT official website :
J-POP SUMMIT 2017 Guidebook (PDF) :
May’n official website :

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