A New Project HELLO KITTY MEN Creates New Trend “Kakkoii” ? 

A New Project HELLO KITTY MEN Creates New Trend “Kakkoii” ? 

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Although it passed just two weeks since Hello Kitty revealed that she is not a cat just before, here is another news from her!  It has been announced that she started new brand which targeting men “HELLO KITTY MEN”, celebrating Kitty’s 40th anniversary.

The first project will be T-shirts. An exhibition on the products will be held in Hankyu Men’s Tokyo department store in Yurakucho (Tokyo) from September 10th until 16th. A design office nendo, Mina Tabei who is known as popular graphic designer, and an art director Atsushi Ishiguro (OUWN) have joined this project and designed the original T-shirts for HELLO KITTY MEN.

As you might notice, actually there exist some Kitty products for men already. However, in this project, it is targeted for men who have humor with a relaxed attitude, and hope him to wear Hello Kitty fashionably and smart. In Japanese, “cool” for boys means “kakkoii” in contrary kawaii for girls. This HELLO KITTY MEN project might create Kakkoii culture to an extent!

img-hello-kitty-men02Message from Hello Kitty:
Hi Boys, sorry for keeping you wait. Happily, I have been loved by many girls in the world, but I was thinking that I wish I could stay with boys as well, not only girls. So, why not start?  That is the HELLO KITTY MEN Project. The 1st project is exhibition of T-shirts designed by popular designers. It sounds cool, isn’t it? I will keep delivering new Hello Kitty in this project, and hope you’ll enjoy it.


Dates : September 10 – 14 , 2014
Location : Hankyu Men’s Tokyo, Yurakucho, Tokyo
Official Website :

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