The Restaurant “Tsukiyo to Mori no Circus” Filled with Fascinating Magic and Illusion!

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The Restaurant “Tsukiyo to Mori no Circus” Filled with Fascinating Magic and Illusion!
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Roughly 15 minutes walk from Shimokitazawa station, a station in Tokyo famous for its secondhand clothing, music and art, you’ll find the modestly built cafe/restaurant “Tsukiyo to Mori no Circus“.


The owner “Robot Nozomi-san” said that she was inspired to start the cafe/restaurant because of her desire to increase the number of places for performers to express themselves. On weekdays, Tsukiyo to Mori no Circus operates as a school for magic, juggling, pantomime and other neat tricks, so the cafe/restaurant itself only runs from 12pm-3pm and 6pm-9pm on weekends.


It first opened its doors in December 2015. For two years leading up to its opening, the cafe/restaurant utilized crowd funding to gather enough funds to purchase items such as a counter and a stage capable of projection mapping.

Despite having just recently opened, “Tsukiyo to Mori no Circus” has been the center of attention, having been introduced to the public through various T.V programs. We sent our reporters Kumiko Funayama, Ai Matsumoto and Hikari Shiina to explore the wonder of the mysterious Tsukiyo to Mori no Circus; a place that is sure to mesmerize all ages!


The first fascinating part of this cafe/restaurant’s would have to be the atmosphere created by its interior design. After opening the door of the cafe/restaurant, our reporters were welcomed into what felt like a picture book wonderland. The walls and ceiling were covered with trick art. It’s all the little details of this place, such as its trump card-themed menu and mason jar drinks, that are sure to get you excited. Along with written oracle-filled capsule toys and many more fascinating items here, there are so many fun aspects to this place that simply cannot be missed.


The second fascinating point of this cafe/restaurant is definitely its highly talented cast of performers. Along with the talented pantomiming clown, the robot who specializes at magic tricks and the cook who’s very good at robot dancing, there are many great entertainers all gathered in one place for you to see. The performances differ depending on the performers of that day too, so you are sure to enjoy the performances no matter how many times you visit.


Tsukiyo to Mori no Circus’ third most fascinating point would have to be its project mapping shows. The performers dance to visuals and music created by owner Robot Nozomi. The performance uses all of the kitchen space and almost looks like a puppet show. And what’s great is that these top notch performances are all included in your meal price.


The fourth most fascinating part of this cafe/restaurant is undoubtedly the amazing taste and presentation of the food! On this visit our reporters order the “Jikasei Hambaagu Robomoko” (Homemade Hamburg Robomoco). The robomoco is a combination of locomoco popular with both robots and people in Hawaii. The Jikasei Hambaagu Robomoko even has cheese in the shape of a robot’s head.

tsuki-yoru-circus-10 tsuki-yoru-circus-14

Next our reporters ordered the “Piero Parfait” (Clown Parfait). With vanilla ice cream and berry sauce as its base, the parfait is covered with clown-themed garnishing. It was made and served to go along with the projection mapping show.


People of all ages are sure to be excited at Tsukiyo to Mori no Circus, the circus-themed cafe/restaurant only open on weekends and located in Shimokitazawa. The true wonder of the place simply cannot be communicated through photos or words alone, so please stop by and experience it for yourself!


Photos by kobadog
Translated by Cheryl Coyle


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Tsukiyo to Mori no Circus
Address : Famiiru Matsusawa B1F,Oohara 1-56, Setagaya-ku , TOKYO
Nearest Station : Shimokitazawa
TEL : 080-4451-6010



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