Not Only Seafoods! Various Fresh Ingredients Gathered in the Attractive Market “Tsukiji”

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Not Only Seafoods! Various Fresh Ingredients Gathered in the Attractive Market “Tsukiji”
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Tsukiji is known as the “Kitchen of Tokyo”. It is the Japan’s largest marine product market, and its products congregate all around from Japan.


Tsukiji is separated in two parts: one is called “Jyonai” where the bidding of the sea products are done, and another is called “Jyogai” where retail stores and restaurants are lined up. For the wholesale of Maguro (tuna fish), sightseeing customers are available to see the market, however it is reserved system and the reception starts from five in the morning! (The acceptance will be finished when the number of the costumers reaches a certain number). It is a rare event that you can’t see in your daily life, so be an early bird to catch the privilege of this event.

This time, “Learn Tokyo” first headed to the big shopping street called the “Uogashi Yokochou”.


It was originally a restaurant for people who work at the Tsukiji market, but now it is famous among sightseeing customers. Above all of the stores, “Yamato Sushi” is a popular shop that creates a long line. In a store filled with customers, Alisa ate a delicious tuna which melted in her mouth.




Then, we moved to the Jyogai market of Tsukiji. From early morning, this area is filled with sightseer from Japan and outside Japan! There are almost 400 stores. This year in November, Tsukiji Market will move to Toyosu, but the Jyogai market area will remain here and continue their business here.

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Alisa dropped by the “Tsukiji Yamacho” at the Tsukiji Jyogai market. It is a Tamagoyaki, fried egg, shop from 1949. Tsukiji is famous for seafood products, but there are many fried egg store too!



It started off from selling to the sushi restaurants, and started to give out to normal customers too. Yamacho’s fried egg is sweet, but not too sweet, taste with dried bonito flavor spread inside one’s mouth. Alisa devoured the egg with grated radish. As you can see, she is fascinated with the taste!


At the Tsukiji Jyogai market, there are stores that serves bowl of rice topped with fresh sashimi and kaki shells baked in front of the customer. It is a good idea to wake up a little early to enjoy the bustling world in Tsukiji.


Photos by kobadog
Translated by Marina

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Address : Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Nearest Station : Tsukiji Shijo



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