Enjoy Serious Ghost Story Lives at a Ghost-story Bar “Thriller Night Roppongi”

Enjoy Serious Ghost Story Lives at a Ghost-story Bar “Thriller Night Roppongi”
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Thriller Night in Roppongi is a hot place where you can listen to scary stories.

A big doll in front of the bar welcomes us. It sure has a frightful ambience. Ai Matsumoto was reluctant to enter the restaurant; Hikari Shiina who loves something scary was happy to go.

You will never be disappointed at how scary it is in the bar. A dim lightening, spider’s web, you can find something everywhere in the locker or on the ceiling.

The manager says, “I love to scare people and I’m happy to see people frightened”. Hikari Shiina hit it off with the manager right away. Ai Matsumoto tried to find gimmicks around.

It has a perfect interior as a haunted house so you can enjoy the terror at any given seat. Of course you will not feel at ease in the bathroom!

After taking a quick look around the bar, a 15 minutes ghost story live which is held every one hour started!


Hikari and Ai both were absolutely enthralled by the story which was related by a professional story teller. Theyscreamed in fear at the ending. You have to try it by yourself….

Although the story itself is surely scary, the story teller is very kind enough to arrange the level of the fear in response to requests from customers and avoid overlapping the story so that you can visit the bar again.

The fee is \3500 per person for one ghost story live and 60 minutes unlimited drinks. Additional plans are also available.

If you have been bored with the ordinary bars, or want to be shaken by horror stories, you should come to Thriller Night Roppongi!

Photos by kobadog

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Thriller Night Roppingi
Address : Roa Roppongi building B1F, Roppongi 5-5-1, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Nearest Station : Roppongi
TEL : 03-5411-2770



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