Meet the Future Stars of Voice Actors! Voice Actors Serving You at SHIROBACO

Meet the Future Stars of Voice Actors! Voice Actors Serving You at SHIROBACO
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When you hear Japan, I think many people would imagine anime as one of the major cultures we have here.

In recent years, Voice Actors/Actresses have become very popular after playing many roles in movies and animations. It has also become a popular job to become in the future!


Hikari Shiina(Pikarin), Ai Matsumoto(Mapipi), and Kumiko Funayama(Kumikki) when to SHIROBACO which is a cafe where only voice actors and actresses work.

shirobaco-kawaii-asia-02 shirobaco-kawaii-asia-05

Of course, they are all newly-fledged, but they even have a group that they do activities.

By the entrance of the cafe, there where many CDs and autographs of many people who have a relationship with the anime world (voice actors,manga writers, character designers, etc. )


The people working are also big fans of anime and manga, so people who are otaku and visit the cafe can have a great time.


Pikarin, Mapipi, and Kumikky had several dishes here.


In this cafe, all menus are named using terminologies in anime making. This is a full shaku sausag. Full shaku means full length in english, used for the full length of sound or images.


The three of them were very surprised by how long the sausage was.


This is the popular SHIROBACO Rice. Tamagokakegohan (raw egg and soysauce on rice)is very popular in Japan, but this is Tamago in Gohan. The cafe name SHIROBACO means white box, so the rice is shaped in a square too.


They have menus available, and you can really feel the anime making world during your stay.


If you want to know more about anime making, or even maybe meet the future stars of voice acting, try going to SHIROBACO.



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Address : Asagaya Anime Street, Asagaya Minami 2-40-1, Suginami-ku, Tokyo
Nearest Station : Asagaya
TEL : 03-5356-9100



Uni student. Grew up in Chicago. Always seeking ways to escape to the 2 or 2.5 dimensional world.

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