Travel Back in Time to the Edo Period! The Town “Sawara” Still Have Vestiges of the Good Old Days

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Travel Back in Time to the Edo Period! The Town “Sawara” Still Have Vestiges of the Good Old Days
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Do you know the town called “Sawara”? It’s located in the north east of Chiba prefecture, right near Tonegawa river (one of Japan’s most famous rivers). “Sawara” was a flourishing town because of its transportation of water in the Edo period. It’s a town that is filled with the remnants of Edo period culture and made unique developments. Even now, it is known as “Little Edo” with its streets lined up with traditional shops and houses that look almost untouched since the Edo period and is visited by many tourists. It’s also just 30 minutes from Narita airport, making it a very popular destination for tourists visiting from overseas too.

From Tokyo, you can get there in about an hour and a half, so we set off with our reporter Kumiko Funayama to get a little taste of Edo.


On the way to Tone river we passed over a bridge that ran over the Ono river, and took in the view. It was like we’d traveled back in time to the Edo period itself!


To make the most of our time here, she changed into yukata!



We took this photo in the courtyard of a cafe called “Inae”. This cafe had the warm feel of a traditional Japanese house made from wood and is fully equipped with a tea space, gallery and souvenir store.





On this trip, our reporter Kumiko enjoyed “Kaki-gori”(some shaved ice) – Japan’s most iconic summer dessert! She ordered the “Wasanbon-sudachi”(Wasanbon is a Japanese traditional suger & Sudachi is a kind of citrus fruits) flavoured kaki-gori – a very unique item on the cafe’s menu! Kumiko enjoyed some relaxing alone time as she took in the view of the courtyard while she waited for her order to arrive.


Wearing yukata and delighting in shaved ice is certainly the ultimate refreshing combination. Being able to enjoy the green tea that comes with the order is also something to be happy about.


Please be sure to stop by at Sawara to get a little taste of Edo.

Photo by Tsubasa Ishiguchi
Translated by Cheryl Coyle

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Address : I-511 Sawara, Katori-shi, Chiba
Nearest Station : Sawara
TEL : 0478-54-7575



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