Cuteness Overload! Q-pot CAFE. Stirring Women’s Emotions!

Cuteness Overload! Q-pot CAFE. Stirring Women’s Emotions!
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Q-pot. is popular among Japanese girls for their accessories that look like real desserts! We SAORI and Kozu visited Q-pot CAFE., a cafe that anyone, regardless if they are Q-pot. fans or not, would consider to be overloaded with cuteness.
img-qpot-cafe-16 img-qpot-cafe-19

As soon as you enter the cafe, you enter a dream-like space for sweets! We found a room with 9 themes, and chocolates, biscuits, and whipped cream were used as motifs. It’s so c…cute!
img-qpot-cafe-09 img-qpot-cafe-10 img-qpot-cafe-11

We immediately received the best sellers.

◆Necklace Plate (1390円 tax included) ※Drink set
[It is possible to order only Flavored Tea(750円 tax included)]

A cupcake is placed like a necklace on a plate designed after a woman’s silhouette ! The “pearls” of the necklace are recreated with whipped cream. It’s too cute!

Not only that, but when we thought the cupcake looked familiar, it actually looks exactly like Q-pot’s Rose Cupcake necklace!!
img-qpot-cafe-02 img-qpot-cafe-03img-qpot-cafe-05 img-qpot-cafe-06
The cupcake has a faint sweetness that matches perfectly with the rose flavored raspberry jam filling! It was a deliciousness that’ll make a girl swoon.

We enjoyed the Flower Garden flavored tea with our cupcake. It’s a blended tea of flowers and fruits, and it smelled delightful. There are even details fitting for Q-pot. The handle of the teacup is in the shape of a Q. What we were most impressed with was the “QQQ” that appears after finishing the black tea. The three Q’s mean “Thank you.” The fine details are so lovely!
img-qpot-cafe-04 img-qpot-cafe-15

The cakes on the menu are displayed right in the entrance! We found a similar motif necklace as the “Chocolate Kuma Prince Cake” and “Sugar Snow Crystal Cake” cream cheese mousse. We want to eat them all! (※ The “Chocolate Kuma Prince Cake” and “Sugar Snow Crystal Cake” was only available until December 25, 2014.) Don’t miss out on future seasonal sweets!
img-qpot-cafe-13 img-qpot-cafe-14

Q-pot CAFE. is so cute you’ll find that you can’t say “kawaii!” enough! Q-pot.‘s ability to make you sympathize with the cuteness overload will make you glad you were born a girl! If you have the chance, please visit the shop!

And lastly, Q-Pot CAFE. as original merchandise that make great souvenirs!
img-qpot-cafe-08【Left】 Black Tea Can (Includes 20 bags) 2600円 before tax 【Right】Mug Cup 2400円 before tax

img-qpot-cafe-07Glass Candle Whip 4800円 before tax

Translated by Misato

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Q-pot CAFE.
Address : 3-10-2, Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Nearest Station : Omotesando
TEL : 03-6427-2626



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