So Sweet So Lovely! Sugar Sweets Artist NANO’s Exhibition Filled with Sweetness

So Sweet So Lovely!  Sugar Sweets Artist NANO’s Exhibition Filled with Sweetness
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We, SAORI and Kozu went to Sugar Party held by NANO who has been attracting people’s attention in Tokyo for her super cute works!

We wore hair bands with rabbit hair at the photo booth right away. Do we look cute like NANO a little bit?
The world of NANO was really lovely and wonderful. This time, NANO permitted to take pictures of her works and publish them on Tokyo Girls’ Update!  We pick some of them here! HOW CUTE IT IS!!
img-nano-sugar-art-01 img-nano-sugar-art-03 img-nano-sugar-art-04 img-nano-sugar-art-05 img-nano-sugar-art-06 img-nano-sugar-art-07 img-nano-sugar-art-08 img-nano-sugar-art-09

What is Sugar Sweets?
They are sweets like icing cookies and cakes using sugar, made to stick to ‘Kawaii’

Who is NanoYoshino?
img-nano-sugar-art-13 A forth-year student who study at female college. She is popular for making sweets, and made use of crowdfunding for fund raising to open her first gallary.In cooperation with sixty five supporters, she hit the target, 400000 yen almost in two months. We asked her what she plans to do after she graduate from college likw “Are you going to be professional sugar artist?”, and she answered ‘I’m going to find job not related to sugar art. Making sweets is just my hobby’.

Unfortunately, the exhibition was only 5-days limited during Nov 28th to Dec 3rd 2014, so it’s already ended. But we hope NANO to hold more great exhibition again soon!!

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Design Festa Gallery
Address : 3-20-18, Jingu-mae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Nearest Station : Harajuku
TEL : 03-3479-1442



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