Like Cinderella Under a Spell?! Be a Princess for an Hour with a Limousine Hime-kai!

Like Cinderella Under a Spell?! Be a Princess for an Hour with a  Limousine Hime-kai!
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Although “joshi-kai” (girls get-together/party) has already become a widely used word across Japan, the phrase “hime-kai” (princess party) has also appeared. Joshi-kai refers to a small group of girls getting together and having fun talking about different topics over a meal, as well a ladies’ get together for women into the same hobby. But what exactly is a hime-kai? Could it possibly mean becoming the princess of your dreams?!

Three popular models, Kumiko Funayama, Ai Matsumoto, and Hikari Shina, were thrilled to give it a try! This time’s plan was a limousine hime-kai!

First, they visited a dress salon called Cinderella House NY, where after picking out a favorite dress, visitors then change into them. With a selection of imported dresses that are rarely the kind you see in Japan, the girls immediately got to the task of browsing through all of the dresses to find a good match.



After changing into their dresses, they were greeted by a limousine. This is how the inside looked.



It was filled with heart-shaped balloons, and very cute! There was even a bottle of sparking wine!


The three of them hopped in, and then they were off! The limousine whisked the excited girls to the perfect spot to capture their experience.


When they stepped out of the limousine, it was photo shoot time! They passed their cell phones to the driver, who then snapped some pictures for them.


Here is the picture they took. Tokyo Tower looks so pretty lit up!


We recommend it as a must-try experience those interested won’t be able to help showing off to all of their friends. The same company offering the hime-kai plan also offers other proposal, birthday, and anniversary surprise plans for couples. While a girls’ hime-kai guaranteed to be fun, surely girls all over the world are looking for their special prince! So to our male readers, when it comes time to pick a spot, this is it! We hope you’ll grant the special girl in your life the amazing fantasy of becoming a princess!

Photo by kobadog
Translated by Jamie Koide

*The shop will be introduced on Kawaii Asia TV today too! If you live in Indonesia or Singapore or Myanmar, You can watch this program on WAKUWAKU JAPAN.
Details on Kawaii Asia TV on WAKUWAKU JAPAN :
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Cinderella House
Address : 2-26-2 nishiazabu, minato-ku, Tokyo
Nearest Station : Roppongi
TEL : 03-5467-8607



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