Feel The Kyoto Breeze in Tokyo! Have Your Dinner Out at Kyomachi Koi Shigure!

Feel The Kyoto Breeze in Tokyo! Have Your Dinner Out at Kyomachi Koi Shigure!
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Kyomachi Koi Shigure is a new type of Izakaya! When I first entered, I couldn’t believe it was a Izakaya. The theme for this place is the town of Kyoto.

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There were many decorations inside, that you wouldn’t imagine to be there! As soon as you enter, there is a bridge you can go across. All around you are beautiful autumn leaves(since it is said the best season in Kyoto is autumn). The red bridge looks beautiful in this autumn atmosphere, and it is also a popular photo spot!

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In a different part, there was water running down like a spring water, creating a small river. You can also experience the back alley mood of Kyoto in this Izakaya. The posters and other decorateons create the Retro mood. The back alley parts were very fun to walk around since it almost felt like an exploration!

The seats are all private rooms, so can enjoy the special mood with special people. There was also a second floor for those customers who come in big numbers!


Tina and Alisa had a plate called “Extravagant Night at Gion Sushi”. As the name says it, it had many kinds of sushi on it, and it looked delicious!


They also drew a fortune(Omikuji in Japanese) and enjoyed the Kyoto mood.

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This Izakaya was by far the best I’ve ever seen to bring my friends to! I’m planning to go myself too!


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Kyomachi Koishigure
Address : Musashino-Kaikan 6F, Shinjuku 3-27-10, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Nearest Station : Shinjuku
TEL : 050-7302-4589



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