Make the Ordinary Asakusa Tour Even More Enjoyable! Experience Wearing Kimono at KOTO!

Make the Ordinary Asakusa Tour Even More Enjoyable! Experience Wearing Kimono at KOTO!
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Asakusa is one of the popular sightseeing spots in Tokyo. People from all over the world come here to visit Sensoji Temple, Kaminarimon (Thunder Gate), Sumidagawa (Sumida River), and Tokyo Sky Tree.

But recently, Kimono Rental has been receiving greater attention than before. It makes us hesitant when it becomes to buying a kimono for its expensiveness, but being able to borrow it only for a day lowers the hurdle for people who just want to try wearing it once.


This time, Navigator of Kawaii Asi, Culumi Nakada, Hikari Shiina, and Ai Matsumoto (Maapipi) came to “Asakusa Rental Kimono KOTO” near Asakusa Station. This shop allows customers to borrow a kimono and walk around Asakusa in their lovely outfit for a day until 17:00 by 3500 yen.


When we entered the shop, the room was filled with Kimonos! There were a variety of kimonos, from bright colored pop designs to a classical one with calm patterns. You can also choose to borrow a Haori coat, ornamental obi, and a detachable collar by option.

koto-asakusa-kawaii-asia-03 koto-asakusa-kawaii-asia-04

Taking time to select their kimono, the 3 girls finally chose their favorite one! The staff helped them get dressed, and…Ta Da!

Culumi chose a simple retro taste design with black stripes on a white background. She made the obi purple that had a strong impact on the moderate kimono.


Maapipi selected a cream-color based kimono with designs of flowers. She chose orange for the color of the obi, which created a vivid impression but a mature atmosphere.


Hikari chose a pop flower designed kimono that is very much her style! We can see the individuality of the three girls by their choice.


Wearing the kimono made them want to arrange their hairstyle as well! So, the permanent hair stylist helped them dress their hair. Culumi and Maapipi chose an upswept hairstyle, and Hikari’s hair became twin tails!

koto-asakusa-kawaii-asia-12 koto-asakusa-kawaii-asia-11

This time, Izabela, a journalist of the app “We Chat” came from China as a special guest to Kawaii Asia! Isabela also changed into kimono and toured Asakusa together with us.


Also, we rode on a Jinrikisha (Rickshaw)! But unluckily, it only had two seats, so we had Izabela to choose who she wants to sit with! Kurumi was called as the lucky girl, and the two enjoyed their night tour of Asakusa.

koto-asakusa-kawaii-asia-14 koto-asakusa-kawaii-asia-15 koto-asakusa-kawaii-asia-16

KOTO is holding Yukata plans for the summer and group discount campaigns, so wear the kimono when you come to Asakusa and discover a new way to enjoy your tour!

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Address : 2F Oomoto Building 2-18-12, Kaminarimon Taito-ku, Tokyo
Nearest Station : Asakusa
TEL : 03-6802-7018



Been working in girls’ fashion magazines for a long time and am now the chief editor of Tokyo Girls’ Update. I have more expertise in Japanese teen fashion than anyone else (probably)! I’m a huge fan of the Revolutionary Girl Utena and Bakemonogatari animes.

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