Feel Like Dining Out in a MINI Cooper or a Bathroom? Shibuya’s Hidden Restaurant “igu&peace Dining”!

Feel Like Dining Out in a MINI Cooper or a Bathroom? Shibuya’s Hidden Restaurant “igu&peace Dining”!
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igu&peace is a dining bar located on the 4th floor of a building just two minutes walk away from Shibuya station. It offers beer from around the world as well as bistro dining where your food is cooked on iron plates. The “igu” in the restaurant’s unique name stands for two things that reflect its main theme, “iguana” and “igu nobel prize”.


Strangely enough, the “iguana” word came from the fact that the restaurant tried to buy a pet iguana. Unfortunately the restaurant was unsuccessful but anyone who visits the restaurant can see a variety of iguana-themed objects around the room. The “Ig nobel prize” is an award given to those that have performed unique research or made findings that don’t necessary have any particular application, yet are considered achievements that are sure to make people laugh.

Our reporters Kumiko Funayama, Ai Matsumoto and Hikari Shiina visited igu&peace Dining bar with high hopes to check out their unique interior!


First we’ll give you a detailed rundown of that unique interior! After exiting the elevator our reporters finally reached the entrance of a small room surrounded by bookshelves. Rather than turning back after realizing that they couldn’t see the entrance to the room, our reporters pressed on until they finally discovered it, and then proceeded to enter the room. And inside the dining bar, there was a MINI Cooper! What’s more is that the MINI Cooper isn’t just for decoration, you can actually sit in it and eat your meal.


As you can see in the photo, it seats three people comfortably. It’s apparently very popular among couples, photography lovers and is often used as a spot for surprising loved ones that are big on cars. Even though this special seating arrangement is unavailable at other restaurants, surprisingly, there is no extra cost for choosing to eat in the MINI Cooper. The restaurant is often packed with reservations for the MINI Cooper so if you’re someone who MUST get the chance to eat in the MINI Cooper, we recommend that you put in a reservation in advance. But you’ll be happy to know that in addition to the MINI Cooper, there are many other unique seats for you to get excited about such as a swing and a loft seat.


The next thing that caught our reporters’ attention was the room with the bathtub. The room is very elegant, and covered in white. Since there’s no need to worry about strangers seeing you, you can stretch out your legs and relax in this wonderful atmosphere, so it’s a very popular place to hit up for a girls night out. With cute cushions and a sparkling chandelier, our three reporters were bursting with excitement.


Even with its luxurious interior, this private room only costs a measly 1080 yen per hour to rent out and is perfect for special celebrations and times when you just want to converse in a relaxing environment with friends. And it’s not just the interior that’ll fill you with excitement. Their food will blow you away just as much. On this visit, our reporters ordered the “hiyashi sugita tomato” (over- chilled tomato) and “kunsei steak” (smoked steak). At first glance the over-chilled tomato looked like an ordinary tomato. But after one of the staff poured something mysterious onto the tomato, a frozen, crunchy powder appeared! And when the smoked steak was served, there was so much smoke before their eyes…

igu-and-peace-05 igu-and-peace-04

To really get a grasp on just how strange and wonderful igu&peace’s dishes are, we highly recommend that you experience it yourself in person. There are also 10 other flavours of foods to choose from such as french fries, roast beef, miso crab shell in addition to many others that we highly recommend you try. You’ll find yourself giggling at the interior and menu that they offer at igu&peace, so please be sure to stop by if you have the chance!

Photos by kobadog
Translated by Cheryl Coyle

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Address : Shibuya Dogenzaka 1-5-2, Shibuya SEDE Building Level 4, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Nearest Station : Shibuya
TEL : 03-5428-5525



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