Halloween in Tokyo is World Largest Cosplay Summit : Shibuya Packed with Awesome Cosplayers!

Halloween in Tokyo is World Largest Cosplay Summit : Shibuya Packed with Awesome Cosplayers!
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Halloween in Japan is getting more extreme, exciting, and attractive event in the past few years as the day of cosplaying. 5 years ago, people in Japan did not really enjoy Halloween that much, though Halloween decorating culture could be seen at shops in the cities or Western amusement parks such as Disney Land or Universal Studio Japan.

To check real Tokyo Halloween culture, in the midnight on the Halloween Day October 31, Tokyo Girl’s Update went Shibuya, a place called as a young people’s mecca in Tokyo and had photo shooting of cosplay girls (boys too!).

Firstly. LOOK THE CROWD OF PEOPLE. It’s totally crazy. The congest situation is almost same as Japan’s chaotic crowded train in the morning. No joke.
img-shibuya-halloween-girls-64 img-shibuya-halloween-girls-57 img-shibuya-halloween-girls-65img-shibuya-halloween-girls-12

OK. I will show you great cosplayers pictures from here! 
img-shibuya-halloween-girls-33img-shibuya-halloween-girls-32img-shibuya-halloween-girls-31img-shibuya-halloween-girls-27img-shibuya-halloween-girls-24img-shibuya-halloween-girls-30img-shibuya-halloween-girls-44img-shibuya-halloween-girls-43img-shibuya-halloween-girls-46img-shibuya-halloween-girls-36 img-shibuya-halloween-girls-39 img-shibuya-halloween-girls-41 img-shibuya-halloween-girls-42 img-shibuya-halloween-girls-45 img-shibuya-halloween-girls-38 img-shibuya-halloween-girls-18 img-shibuya-halloween-girls-17img-shibuya-halloween-girls-08img-shibuya-halloween-girls-19img-shibuya-halloween-girls-58img-shibuya-halloween-girls-28img-shibuya-halloween-girls-26img-shibuya-halloween-girls-23img-shibuya-halloween-girls-20

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