A Hit Among Teens! Calbee Plus on Takeshita Street, Where You Can Enjoy Freshly Fried Potato Chips and Jagarico

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A Hit Among Teens!  Calbee Plus on Takeshita Street, Where You Can Enjoy Freshly Fried Potato Chips and Jagarico
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Calbee Plus is a test shop run by Japanese snack maker Calbee. Ten of these test shops have opened up around Japan selling Calbee snacks, where you can enjoy their popular potato chips and Jagarico freshly fried. Here Tina Tamashiro is going to taste them!


The Calbee Plus Takeshita Street shop is right by Harajuku station. If you take the Takeshita Street exit from JR Harajuku Station and walk straight on Takeshita Steet, heavy with pedestrian traffic, it takes three minutes to reach it. There are many young teenage girls inside! In Japan, where shops specializing in French fries and specializing in potato salad have opened up, women are crazy about potatoes.


This Takeshita Street shop’s number one hit menu item is Poterico. It’s freshly fried up Jagarico. Jagarico is a snack food that uses potatoes as its main ingredient, made by molding steamed potatoes into a stick shape and frying them in oil. It usually comes in a cup-like container, and is sold among supermarkets and convenience stores.


It’s good even when not freshly fried, but it’s totally delicious freshly fried! It has the same great taste, but the strange sensation of fresh baked potatoes fried until crispy has people coming back for more.


Besides Poterico, they sell seven other flavors of potato chips, including seasonal flavors, as well as soft-serve ice cream made with Hokkaido milk. Their potato chips covered with Royce chocolate are a huge hit! Be sure to definitely try them out with some Poterico! The shop is also introduced in Tokyo Girls’ Update’s TV program on NHK WORLD, so don’t miss it too!

About Tokyo Girls’ Update TV on NHK WORLD

Photo by Yosuke Mochiduki
Translated by Jamie Koide

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Calbee Plus Takeshita Street Shop
Address : 16-8 Jingumae Icchome, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Nearest Station : Harajuku



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