Psychedelic Other Dimension “Cafe Peloringa” The First Shop on the Earth!

Psychedelic Other Dimension “Cafe Peloringa” The First Shop on the Earth!
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Cafes in Shibuya usually have kind of fashionable images; however, this time Pikarin (Hikari Shiina) and Mapipi (Ai Matsumoto), crews of Kawaii Asia, visited a unique cafe where you can experience something unexpected.

cafe-peloringa-shibuya-01 cafe-peloringa-shibuya-03
“Nontasu” a store manager welcomed us! Nontasu-san……..

This café is called “CafePeloringa” the first shop on the Earth, came from Peloringa planet where Nontasu was born. He wanted to open a café in Shibuya because it is the center of Japan.

The interior and everything in the café is very unique. Nontasu told us that the furniture in the café is called “Acid Spacy Furniture” which has been loved and treasured in the Peloringa planet.

cafe-peloringa-shibuya-08 cafe-peloringa-shibuya-05cafe-peloringa-shibuya-10

The toilet is also very psychedelic! It is kind of restless…


Although it is a very unusual place, this sure is a café so we wanted to try something. Looking at a menu, there were “Turutututu” or “Nyuburadorirukara-i”; we couldn’t make head or tails of it so we ordered Nontasu’s recommendation “Perotan”.

“Perotan” is here! This is a cheesecake, isn’t it? Nontasu said “Yes, it is so-called a cheesecake on the earth”. In contrast to the funny name, it was very delicious.


Surprisingly (!?), Nostasu is sweet and friendly. He wants to communicate with people on the Earth so please check out Cafe Peloringa and enjoy the talk with Nontasu!


Photos by kobadog


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Cafe Peloringa "Earth Branch #1"
Address : Sakuragaoka 3-7, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Nearest Station : Shibuya
TEL : 03-3461-2559



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