Everyone Should Play a Role : RPG Café “Acasius Boarding School” in Ikebukuro!

Everyone Should Play a Role : RPG Café “Acasius Boarding School” in Ikebukuro!
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In Ikebukuro, there are many kinds of concept cafes, but there was one café that was especially rare. Acasius Boarding School is a café with a concept of a cafeteria at a boarding school in the fantasy world. Also, it is an RPG type of café where each person inside the café including the customers are given a role or job and you must act it.


Ai Matsumoto, Hikari Shiina, and Culumi Nakada went to this interesting RPG café!

“Welcome to Acasius Boarding School.”
When we entered the café, Princess Aria and Angel Mina welcomed us. When going through passport control, you must prove you have magic in order to enter the café. Culumi Nakada was taken into a dark small room… What happens in this rooms will be a surprise until you visit! The 3 had proved their magic and where able to enter.

Next, you chose your job. You can chose from brother, sister, priest/sister, prince/princess and so on. However each job has a rank setting and in order to choose the job you want, you must come to the café a few times and level up your ranking. For your first visit, you should follow the instructions and enjoy as a traveler.
When you become a high level ranking, other than being able to choose your favorite job, there are other privilages. You get to work as a member of the café (women only). This time, Hikari Shiina became a member and welcomed travelers Ai Matsumoto and Kurumi Nakata.

Hobbit shake and Mushup Pudding was brought to the table. Mushup Pudding is chocolate pudding with strawberry mousse on top. The chocolate and strawberry match perfectly. Hobbit shake is a milk shake with a hint of vanilla. They make it with a shaker for you. It tastes like Vanilla ice cream with volume so it should fill you up for a snack.

The 2 travelers eat in the cafeteria and talk to the members of the café. As Princess Aria tells us “We are looking for people for our nation, will you become one?”, Angel Mina tells us “It’s a remote place so you shouldn’t come”. Ai and Kurumi asked them “Is there anything good if we become one?” Each member have a deep character setting and their acting skills take the travelers into the fantasy world. You can forget about the real world and live in the fantasy world while you’re here! Hikari was acting out her role perfectly too.

acasius-boarding-school-08acasius-boarding-school-09 The RPG café had many deep settings and was a place where anybody could enjoy. To escape from your daily stress, try going to Acasius Boarding School. The cute members and delicious food is waiting for you!


Photos by kobadog

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Acasius Boarding School
Address : Higashi-Ikebukuro 1-23-7, Renaissance Higashi-Ikebukuro 2F, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
Nearest Station : Ikebukuro
TEL : 03-6412-9071



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