A Restaurant Where You Can “Eat” Tea! GREEN TEA RESTAURANT 1899 OCHANOMIZU

A Restaurant Where You Can “Eat” Tea! GREEN TEA RESTAURANT 1899 OCHANOMIZU
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Tea, is Japan’s traditional drink that is enjoyed among men and women of all ages. While most people conceive tea as something you drink, it is actually possible to “eat” as well!


This time, Kawaii Asia crew Kumikky (Kumiko Funayama) and Pikarin (Hikari Shiina) visited a tea specialty restaurant “GREEN TEA RESTAURANT 1899” in Ochanomizu. Of course you can drink tea here, but this restaurant is gathering attention for the menu with the concept of making and eating tea.


When you hear of “tea”, you might imagine elderlies often drinking them, but this restaurant aims to have the young people notice the appeal of tea, and provides various teas and cuisine. By the way, Sakaue-san who guided us inside the restaurant said that he is a big fan of Kumikky! (laugh)


Kumikky and Pikarin who do not know much about tea learned how to make it from Sakaue-san. We can’t write how to make tea here because it all differs depending on the kind of tea! Please visit the restaurant if you want to know the details. This time, he made Uji-macha (Uji green tea), Gyokuro (refined green tea), and Wa-Kocha (Japanese black tea) for us. We learned that there are different ways of making tea that brings out the goodness of each of them.


After drinking the delicious tea is meal time! There were plentiful of unique menus, and this time we ordered “Macha potato salad” and “Macha Tororo Ga Tappuri Dashimaki Tamago” (Macha Japanese-style rolled omlette with grated yam)!

ochanomizu-1899-06 ochanomizu-1899-05

Though both the potato salad and rolled omlete are familiar meals, adding tea gives it an elegant taste. The clear green is very beautiful, and of course the taste is also delicious. The two were very surprised by how it was more tasty than they expected.

ochanomizu-1899-07 ochanomizu-1899-08
When we were eating our meals, a waitress brought “Macha beer” and “Houjicha Beer” to us! According to the two girls, Macha beer has more beer-like taste comparing that Houjicha is easier to drink. Although Pikarin doesn’t really like beer taste but she was able to drink it!

ochanomizu-1899-09 ochanomizu-1899-10

There is even a sweets/café menu such as “Houjicha Ice Cream”. When you have a chance visiting Ocha no Mizu, whey don’t you enjoy your elegant moments at GREEN TEA RESTAURANT 1899 OCHANOMIZU?


Photos by kobadog

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Address : Surugadai, Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 3-4
Nearest Station : Ochanomizu
TEL : 03-3251-1150



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