Kanae Higashi/東佳苗

—How did the request come for this MV direction?

I got a request for the MV direction from Mofuku-chan, and she said, “It’s a song about convenience store.” First, I thought “Song about convenience store!? She gave me an offer to me, so does that means cute-ish kind? Can’t imagine making convenience store cute-ish….” And didn’t know what to do. At last, we combined the girly bit and the interesting part about the convenience store, so it was good.

Kanae Higashi, the picture from interview with her about short film “Heavy Shabby Girl”

-In the dance scene inside the convenience store, it was pastel and colourful, and not vivid.

Yes, including the balloon. Also, the casts during the play inside the convenience store are all wearing a white cosplay. All white. I heard that having a white dress code is on trend in Europe’s festival (Editor’s note: “Sensation”, an EDM type music festival originally from Holland). That’s why, I thought selling a white coordinate cosplay will be a good idea in Japan as well, so to promote Clearstone (the cosplay company that LADYBABY does PR) I made it all white.

-Not only the MV direction, but you also prepared the props as well, right. What kind of image did you have for the costume?


I made it, so that it will be popular towards girls, and I considered about the member’s taste in colour as well. Not only the colours, but I thought about the member’s preference. I’m used to watching their clothes. Rie always does choker, so I put those kinds of things in the costume. I think costume is one of the motivations for Idols. It’s better to choose the colour which you like than what you hate. That’s why I hope that I can help them.


The reason why Bea-chan’s costume is a bit like a Kimono is because he can express the Japanese kinda ish by himself. Also, to be real, I was told that it would be good if it were washable (laugh). Every one wears a knit that is fabric based. They might use it until before summer, so in order to wash it the top and the bottom are separate.

—Bea-chan said, “Kanae is amazing.”

Really? I’m so happy. Inside the song, there is a lyric that goes, “I fell love like a convenience store.” For example, it’s like when you don’t see that person these days. I wanted to incorporate a scene where Bea chan meeting a pro wrestler at the convenience store, and calling after it to start a battle at the river beach, and show his power, but end it up with him saying “thanks for your hard work” to the clerk, and giving half of the manju with meat filling.

By featuring the story of “The convenience store”, in the party scene I was able to put the Rurumu taste, so I hope you will enjoy the MV for the song about the convenience store!

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