-It’s not all finished yet but how was the today’s shooting?


Hilarious actually. Hilarious. This is the one of the funnest videos we’ve done. For me, at least. I don’t know why, but the dance today was easy to get right today, I think. Normally we do takes a lot of the dancing, it’s very hard boiled to get three people do perfectly in time. So today’s dancing was very well, I’m very happy with it, EXCEPT I HURT MY LEG! So now my leg hurts!


I hurt my leg dancing, it’s occupational hazard. I pulled my quad! So now standing up and sitting down is really tough for me! And this studio has no elevator so…

-So you have difficulties going up and down(laugh).

Yes, it’s a challenge. Extra challenge.


-Is it the first time that you hurt your leg during MV shooting?

I broke my legs many times in my life but first with LADYBABY…oh no it’s not, it’s not. With “Age Age Money” video, I hurt my neck! On “Nippon Manju”, I think I hurt my elbow. It always some injuries comes with. You must suffer for your art!


-So stoic! By the way what do you think about the costume?

Great. It is very cute, isn’t it? Kanae san did great job, it’s very kawaii.

-Do you think oversea people like it?

I would hope so! I think it’s kawaii, and the two girls’ costumes are kawaii as well, so I hope that these will be well received, then once we have to change this even more kawaii, way too super kawaii, your face will be explode with kawaii overload! That’s gonna happen!


-I hope so too!? So which scene do you want people noticed?

Food fight? Throwing away cakes each other and the stuffs we’ve never done before, I hope people would enjoy our food fight! I would like everyone to study the dance choreography and try to pin point exact moment that I hurt my leg. Then you can figure it out. It’s not during the food fight, it was during the dance cut, specifically, it was during the chorus. That’s my challenge. You can see the exact moment of the injury, I will crap twice.


-Okay. How was another video, “Renge Change!”?

“Renge Chance!” is the funny one, we were at Ramen shop to make Ramen! But I didn’t know how to make Ramen because I’m not a Japanese…

-But now you learned?

Yeah I learned. Now I’m an Ramen Expert!


-So you mean, if you watch the MV, you can learn how to make Ramen?

Yeah you will learn superior Ramen skill, and the video goes fun to the end. It’s really fun video as well!

-Interesting! What is the your aim for 2016?


Word domination, definitely. Obviously. We’ll have solo concert in Tokyo in April and we’re very excited with it, but apart from that, we want to go out the rests of the world!

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