Rie Kaneko/金子理江

-The shooting is still going on, but how is the MV shooting for “C’est si bon Kibun”?


Nice! Very nice!

-This time, Kanae Higashi directs the MV shooting, so it’s a bit different from the past MV.


Yes, in “Nippon Manju” it introduced mainly about the Japan’s recommend spot, culture, and Japan’s tourist spot, but this time in “C’est si bon Kibun”, I think we can deliver Japan’s cuteness. Also, the theme for this song is convenience store. Japanese convenience store is amazing in many ways right (laugh). We are making that as the main set, but it’s very pretty. There are not many MV that makes the convenience store as the theme (laugh). In conclusion, we are presenting Japan’s interesting places, but the theme is always different, so it’s very fun!


-Are there any points you wish to mention for the MV of “Renge Chance!” and “C’est si bon Kibun”.

In the “Renge Chance!”, there are scene where the three of us are draining hot water. Also, we are wearing a uniform (laugh). It is a costume, but it is like a plain clothes, so that is new! We usually wear cosplay-ish costume, so it’s interesting to see us draining hot water with the uniform (laugh). Also, the scene where we eat ramen is funny. That ramen restaurant was very yummy!

For “C’est si bon Kibun”, you should check out the scene where many people are dancing inside the convenience store and of course the scene where we are having a party at this room. There will be different kinds of people coming out, and each person shows uniqueness and it’s very funny, so please check out those scenes!



-Can’t wait for the reaction! Do you have any message to tell to the people overseas?


Hmm, Have a nice day! I want to do live performance abroad again! If the fans are waiting, I will go anywhere for them.

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