Erina Mano, “Look at my calendar every day!”

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Erina Mano, “Look at my calendar every day!”

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Ex Hello!Project member, actress Erina Mano held the release event to celebrate the release of “Erina Mano Calendar 2014” (by Wani Books) at Shinjuku Fukuya, Tokyo on December 14.

It has become a whole new calendar that uses a best mix of photos taken at the same time as the photo book in Hawaii, and photos newly taken only for this time.

She commented happily, “I was let me out my calendar every year when I was in Hello!Project, but was wondering whether my calendar will be released or not after I graduated. I am very happy that I was allowed to release the new one, besides the new size! The happiest thing about this is that my family is also happy with its new size, because since it is finished in “book type”, they can save all pages without discarding old month pages.”

She also replied that her favorite page is December, describing “it is like a feeling of being in a room wearing a loose fitting knit.” When she was asked her favorite season, she told “It is spring after all. There is my birthday too. I like the scent of fluffy spring very much, also spring is a season of a new encounter.”

She took a look back over 2013, “When I graduated from Hello!Project in February, I was pretty nervous. But people around me made my 2013 fulfilling, with such as the appearance of the drama, the movie “SPEC”, “PATLABOR”, and so on. It has been more fulfilling than I imagined a year ago when I decided the graduation. I hope I will be able to work hard without losing momentum as it is next year as well as this year.”

In addition, when she was asked about the appearance to the New Year’s Eve countdown concert, “I thought I could have a relaxing time during the year change period, because I graduated from H! P, but the countdown is scheduled. However, participating in a countdown live is one of what I have been longing for. Furthermore, a lot of H!P OG members will come on the show too, I can’t wait! I have a little anxiety to sing on a stage for the first time in a while. But also I have things to look forward to, such as seeing H!P juniors’ growing and seniors’ rare stages.”

By the way, one of the press asked Mano where she wants her fans to put the calendar, “Hmm, on the wall of their room? Next to the pillow? Or put it over a front door and say “Itte kimasu (greeting for leaving home)” every morning is also nice.” she answered that question with a smile.

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