TokyoGirls'Update to release the live DVD, “Ai wo Dempa ni”! to release the live DVD, “Ai wo Dempa ni”!

Sponsored Links Live “Ai wo Dempa ni” will be released on DVD on December 23.
The concert was held on September 16 at Ebisu Liquidroom, Tokyo.
The live DVD will be a limited item that can be purchased only at live halls and by a partial mail order.

Check the digest movie below !!


] Live Ai wo Dempa ni (Video Digest)




  1. Future Diver
  2. Mirror Magic?
  3. Kiss+kiss de Owaranai (Kiss+kissでおわらない)
  4. Piko Piku Pikatte Koishite yo (ピコッピクッピカッて恋してよ)
  5. Wahhoi? (わっほい?お祭り.inc)
  6. Demparade Japan (でんぱれーどJapan)
  7. Kimi mo Zettai ni Kousai Shinaide Susumanakucha! (君も絶対に降参しないで進まなくちゃ!)
  8. W.W.D
  9. Tsuyoi Kimochi Tsuyoi Ai (強い気持ち・強い愛)
  10. Kuchizuke Kibonnu (くちづけキボンヌ)
  11. KiraKira Tune (キラキラチューン)
  12. Beam my Beam
    – Encore –
  13. KiraKira Tune (キラキラチューン)
  14. Future Diver

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