CY8ER Serve Up a Full Course in the MV for “Kakushemu”!

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CY8ER Serve Up a Full Course in the MV for “Kakushemu”!

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CY8ER feast and dance in the MV for their 3rd single “Kakushemu” (release date: June 28)!

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In their first release since the addition of Anna Fujishiro (ex-ICE CREAM SUICIDE, BELLRING Girls Heart), Naatan Coromushi, and Yamiyume yAmmy back in April of 2017, CY8ER throws a party in a Chinese restaurant. The MV was directed by Takasuke Kato(THINGS.), the music is by Yunomi and the lyrics are by Ichigo Rinahamu.

Contributor Wanted!!

CY8ER is currently participating in the Idol Matsuri anisong dance contest, submitting their version of the “Cutey Honey” theme song. Fans can cast votes for their favorite groups from June 12, 2017 until July 2, 2017.

CY8ER begin their LUCID DREAMING TOUR at RADHALL (Nagoya) on July 2 before moving on to FANJtwice (Osaka) on August 12 and Ebisu LIQUIDROOM (Tokyo) for the finale on September 8. Made possible thanks to their overwhelmingly successful crowdfunding campaign, the Osaka and Nagoya dates are free (1 drink minimum – 500 yen) and the finale is only 2,500 yen!

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