Cosplay in the Comfort of Your Own Home With These Fun Roomwear

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Cosplay in the Comfort of Your Own Home With These Fun Roomwear

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Cosplay may be a sub-culture by definition, but in the eyes of some it is a lifestyle. There is nothing like the thrill of wearing a costume and doing something out of the ordinary. While having fun should be an essential part of cosplay, it also involves both skill and courage. For people who are still unsure about either department, this is the perfect solution: cosplay roomwear. These clothes are meant for wearing in the house, so you can be both comfortable and cute as you explore the costumes you’ve always wanted to try.

Sailor Uniform


The sailor uniform is perhaps the most fundamental costume you can have. It’s the quintessential Japanese school uniform style that everyone knows and love, and now you can wear it to sleep! Thanks to the soft sweater material, you can move comfortably and relax in this one-piece dress. The ribbon scarf can be removed so customers can enjoy different variations of colors and designs, or even coordinate among friends. The sailor uniform set even includes the classic loose socks! If you’ve always wanted to experience wearing a Japanese school uniform, these are the pajamas for you to start with.

Price: ¥5,200 (US$47)

Product website:

Shrine Maiden


The shrine maiden, known as miko (巫女) in Japanese, is a young woman who works at a Shinto shrine and helps out with religious rituals and other various duties. You might have seen shrine maidens on screen; they appear in many an anime series, working at the shrines wearing the traditional red and white hakama uniform. In the 2016 anime film Your Name the heroine Mitsuha served part time at her family shrine, boosting an already popular character trope commonly featured in anime and manga. Now you can wear the classic uniform too, with this roomwear version that is made easy to put on. Instead of shrine duties, you can carry out housework in this casual one-piece dress.

Price: ¥9,936 (US$90)

Product website:

Red Riding Hood


Fairytale fans will enjoy this dreamy roomwear, designed after the famous fairytale character Red Riding Hood. According to the creators, it’s “so cute that you might get eaten♪”. The classic red hood features a sophisticated white lace design that resembles a smattering of snow, giving the whole outfit an elegant look while still retaining the comfort of home wear. Soft and fluffy with a full skirt, you’ll feel relaxed enough to fall asleep in these sweet pajamas just like the good old days after a bedtime story.

Price: ¥10,249 (US$93)

Product website:



The hakama is a traditional Japanese clothing, distinguished from the kimono with its wider, looser skirt and trousered pattern. It’s beautiful and ceremonious, but at the same time to find the time and effort to put it on. The hakama-style roomwear however, is all too easy to slip on. You can enjoy the beauty of the hakama without having to fuss with layers or waiting for the proper occasion to wear it! The key feature of this roomwear is the modern Showa period designs, with bold, retro patterns reminiscent of the 20th century fashion style. The furisode top and hakama skirt are sold separately so you can put together your favorite colors and designs.

Price: ¥6804 ($US62) top, ¥7560 ($69) bottom

Product website:

Sliced Bread


With this unique roomwear, you can transcend people and transform into breakfast. This morning set roomwear turns you into bread, known as shokupan (食パン) in Japanese by draping you in a bread-shaped cape complete with a cracked egg over the hood. With a fried egg on the back and more bread slices for pockets, you’d be the real big breakfast here. Thanks to its wide, loose silhouette, you can lounge at ease and spend a relaxing time at home while snuggled in the softness of white bread. It’s made of a fluffy blanket material, perfect for keeping you warm in the cold weather.

Price: ¥9698 ($88)

Product website:

With so many unique options, your bedtime will never be the same again. These cosplay-style roomwear are sure to liven up the house, as you transform into different characters with every style. Who said cosplay had to be done outside?

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