Yume Kawaii and Hardcore Collide With New Group Candye♡Syrup!

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Yume Kawaii and Hardcore Collide With New Group Candye♡Syrup!

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Candye♡Syrup, the Harajuku hair salon and Shimokitazawa select shop on the leading edge of cute fairy fashion in Tokyo, has just launched their very own idol group Candye♡Syrup!

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The group is produced by IKU and looks to combine yume kawaii looks with loud rock, mellowcore, and ska sounds. Among the composers for the group are: ko-hey (NAMBA69), KOUICHI (FEAR FROM THE HATE), and Ganbare Masashige (MP!D). Artwork and merchandise design is by Bisuko Ezaki and they belong to Starlit Signal Records.

Here are the members!


Name – Mai Aisaki
Birthday – July 25
Color – Mermaid Blue


Name – Hatsune Ichigo
Birthday – July 24
Color – Cotton Candy Pink


Name – Non (ex-DEEP GIRL)
Birthday – June 22
Color – Melty Black


Name – Chian Colomo
Birthday – ??
Color – Milky Purple


Name – Tenshi Saaya
Birthday – December 20
Color – Angel White

Candye♡Syrup makes their stage debut at Shibuya Milkyway on August 19, 2017.

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