Finally! Unstoppable ºC-ute releases the first official book!

Finally! Unstoppable ºC-ute releases the first official book!

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One of the Hello!Project Idol units, “ºC-ute” has been gaining a lot of reputation with amazing momentum in Japan. Despite the great success of their first overseas performance in France is still fresh in the fans’ memory, their first official book that is essential to keep will be released. The title is, ºC-ute OFFICIAL BOOK “Kugatsu (September) Tooka (10th) is ºC-ute no Hi ( day.)” By the way ºC-ute sounds “kyuto” in Japanese. Because 9 sounds “kyu” and 10 sounds “to” in Japanese, it became a play on words.

There will be 100 questions and answers about ºC-ute, solo projects full of personality that each of the five members proposed, long interviews, naked history talk, treasure pictures since they were Hello!Project trainees, off-shot pages taken by the member Nakajima Saki, Handwritten message to the members, and lots of photos of course.

Besides, they are careful in setting the price too. It will be 910 yen!!

For the fans of course, but also it will be worth having the book for the guys who just knew ºC-ute recently, and guys who want to know more about Japanese real super idol ºC-ute!!

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Cute 1st Official Book / Wani Books
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written by Yuji Hara

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Yuji Hara

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