BIG NEWS!! School Girls Ninja Exist in Japan

BIG NEWS!!  School Girls Ninja Exist in Japan

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As you know, Ninja is known as a kind of spy or assassin who lived in Japan in 12th century to 18th century, and said that they had possessed supernatural skills like flying sky and vanishing suddenly.

However, we got big news today. You know what? School girl Ninja is witnessed. Here is the video. Believe me, it is amazing. You can’t miss it. Never!

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The two high school girls were just chasing one another in the beginning, but it changes into rushing, rolling, and flying in the sky as they are Ninja! No, they really are Ninja!!

Rolling at corridor of a school

climbing the wall of the building

jumping from a roof

sometimes flying almost like animals



They are showing some Ninjutsu( meaning skills byNinja)

In the end, the Ninja girl caught another. Yes, they are good friends.

You must be super lucky if you could see them in Japan. It is said that they are living in Atami, Shizuoka prefecture.

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