So Cute Ever! Headphones with Cat Ear Speakers & LED Lights!

So Cute Ever! Headphones with Cat Ear Speakers & LED Lights!

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The maker of these Cat Ear Headphones equipped with cat ear shaped external speakers, Axent Wear, is currently raising funds necessary for production via the crowdfunding service Indiegogo.

Axent Wear – Cat Ear Headphones Indiegogo

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Currently, the headphones are available through crowdfunded pre-order with a $150 backing.
The target goal is $250,000, and support will be accepted until 11.59 p.m. on Friday, November 7th (PST).

Axent Wear is a company founded by UC Berkeley graduates Wenqing Yan and Victoria Hu, who have long held interest in art and design.

Wenqing, searching for a unique way for people to share the music they were listening to with the friends and family members around them, developed the headphones with cat-ear shaped speakers through trial and error born from illustrations.


In addition to the cuteness of the cat-ear shaped speakers that can used to share the music you listen to with those around you, the LED lights equipped on the speaker and headphone housing are also characteristic. The headphones come in 4 color variations of blue, red, green, and purple matched with LEDs that emit in the same color.


Output can be freely switched between the external speakers and the headphones, allowing you to use the product as standard headphones when you wish to listen to music by yourself.

The headphones can be yours for a $150 backing, but $2000 backing allows for special privileges such a digital painting of the character of your liking wearing the headphones or a custom-made set of headphones.

If you wear these around town, there’s no doubt that you’ll be the center of attention!



Find out more and All Photos are from the sites as follows;
Axent Wear :
Axent Wear Indiegogo :

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