AOP (Anime O-en Project) to participate in “AFA Singapore 2013” and promote PES (Peace Eco Smile) Project!

AOP (Anime O-en Project) to participate in “AFA Singapore 2013” and promote PES (Peace Eco Smile) Project!

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It’s decided ! AOP will take part in “Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2013” !
AOP will promote PES, the anime in association with Toyota. PES (Peace Eco Smile) is a team project of TOYOTA and STUDIO4°C, a famous creators’ group of experts in high-quality visual design. PES is shown as a segment on “Japan in Motion,” a TV program broadcast every Tuesday by French channel NOLIFE TV. The segment titled “PES O-en Project” includes PES episodes and more, including behind-the-scenes footage, and a report by AOP with six Japanese girls who want the whole world to know about Japanese anime.

AOP says :
We want to talk even more of anime !
We want to bring to you the charm of anime !
We want to promote our favorites anime !
This, is the motto of Anime O-en Project, who started from 2012.
“By gathering young girls who love anime, maybe it would be possible to create this ambition ?”
Thus was created AOP, a band of 6 young girls who love anime.
To get one’s way, AOP members are ready to take up challenges, like to take part in events or TV shows.
They literally want to become the ambassadress of anime !
They’ll be more and more talked about, so we count on you to support them.

Let’s see AOP at Anime Festival Asia 2013!
There will be a mini-live, so they await many of you !

Event Information:

Anime Festival Asia 2013
From November, 8th Friday to November, 10th Sunday
*AOP’s Guest Appearance (mini live event & talk show);
8th(Fri) 14:00 PM / 10th(Sun) 11:45 AM
Suntec International Convention and Exhibition Centre (Singapour)
■Present members
OGINO Saori (“Saorin”) – KOMORI Misae (“Misae”) – SHIMIZUKAWA Saki (“Shimi”) – TOMOE Kei (“Tomoe”) – HIROSE Yuuki

MV / Never Say Never

PES Cross Collaboration / Music Videos

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