“a-nation” – Expand overseas for the first time!

“a-nation” – Expand overseas for the first time!

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The 13th, it was found that the annual summer event “a-nation” advance to overseas performance for the first time in the 13 years.

It will be held in Taiwan Taipei Nangang 101 on September 13th, the Singapore Master Card – Theatres on October 18th,
on theme “the entertainment of Japan to Asia ” .

The company, when you launch an urban town festival the “a-nation island” in 2012 in addition to stadium performances to date, overseas expansion also sought.
Over two years in preparation, held in the two countries and regions there is a branch office of the company this time is decided.

The line-up will be announced in mid-June.
Starting with these two countries and regions, appearance artists China and South Korea , it will expand to other countries in the future.

Has been held in two large stadium in Tokyo and Osaka until now “a-nation stadium fes.” is summarized in Tokyo Ajinomoto Stadium the 3rd consecutive performances 29 to 31 August.

One of the largest summer festival of Japan jump out from archipelago, liven up the Asia.

[Each performance dates / venue]

■ a-nation island powered by in jelly
14 August, 2014 (Thu) to 20 August (Wed) Tokyo: Yoyogi National Stadium first gymnasium other

■ a-nation stadium fes. Powered by in jelly
29 August, 2014 (Fri) to 31 August ,(Sun) Tokyo: Ajinomoto Stadium

■ a-nation taiwan
September 13, 2014 (Sat) Taiwan: Taipei Nangang Hall 101 BunSo

■ a-nation singapore

[Performing Artists]

■ 14 August (Thu) Asia Progress ~ from a-nation ~
AAA (Japan) / Da-iCE (Japan) / FUTURE BOYZ (Japan) / Lead (Japan) / U-KISS (Korea) / Wilber Pan (Taiwan) / w-inds. (Japan) Other ※ alphabetical order

■ 15 August (Fri) ROCK NATION
CNBLUE / Shishido Kafka / MICHAEL other ※ 50 alphabetical order

■ 16 August (Sat) THE FIRE LEGEND 2014
Aikawa Nanase / ZIGGY / DEEN / PERSONZ / LINDBERG other ※ 50 alphabetical order MC: Shu Yamamoto, Tomoko Matsumoto

■ 17 August (Sun) Asia Progress ~ Departure ~
Thelma Aoyama (Japan) / Sheneru (USA) / super express (Japan) / DA PUMP (Japan) / Daichi Miura (Japan) / Ray Yasuda (Japan) Other ※ alphabetical order

■ 18 August (Mon) GIRLS ‘FACTORY 14 DAY1 ※ performing artists announced on the official HP on May 15th!

■ 19 August (Tue) GIRLS ‘FACTORY 14 DAY2 ※ performing artists announced on the official HP on May 15th!

■ 20 August (Wen)
~VERBAL Presents OTO_MATSURI 2014 × m-flo TOUR “FUTURE IS WOW” Special Final~
m-flo(VERBAL/☆Taku Takahashi) / MACO / Matt Cab / MNDR

[“A-nation island” around content]

■ Fashion
Outdoor fashion stage one of Japan’s largest popular fashion magazines to produce a stage in the daily
This year, artists and popular guest excitement as a fashion live events and more “a-nation & GirlsAward island collection!”

■ WORLD FOOD CUP 2014 in a-nation island
Held decision Fuji TV last year, was very well received by visitors “TV alarm” to cheer, celebration of food in the world “WORLD FOOD CUP 2014 in a-nation island” is powered up!

■ beer garden
Is a pleasant resort space, you can enjoy a fashion show and live in hand a beer!

■ Futsal
Held tournament for the first time by the Japanese school students of famous football club in the world such as ” First Kids School champion cup ” and ” high school futsal tournament of the summer 2014 ” . In addition , special events futsal players and professional soccer player , by the entertainer will be held every day .

■ Beauty Fes.
Hands-on corner granting a clean , cute fashionable women such as nail and experiences free hair arrangement is full !

※ The performing artists , is a scheduled appearance at the artist May 14, at 2014 , there is a case to be changed .
※ performing artists depends on the schedule .
※ appearance scheduled artists Is announced in mid June .
※ Please check the official site following the most up-to-date information .

a-nation official site : (PC · Mobile smartphone Common)

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