Schoolyard Battle Royale! Niji no Conquistador Fight for Love and Justice in the MV for “Senjo no St. Valentine”!

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Schoolyard Battle Royale! Niji no Conquistador Fight for Love and Justice in the MV for “Senjo no St. Valentine”!

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Niji no Conquistador turn a school into a battlefield for the sake of love in the MV for “Senjo no St. Valentine” (release date: February 11)!

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Valentine’s Day in Japan is a day where females give chocolate to males, with the expectation that those feelings will be returned one month later on White Day. While there is “giri choco” (義理チョコ, obligation chocolate) usually given to colleagues, classmates, and friends, it looks like the members of “Nijicon” (Niji no Conquistador) are out to present a special someone with some “honmei choco” (本命チョコ, true love chocolate) and are willing to resort to any means necessary to eliminate any rivals! Here are a few screenshots from the battle scenes in the MV! While anyone with any knowledge of weaponry may be laughing their heads off at the way that Nijicon are fighting, it’s forgiven because they’re cute right?

While more details about the single have yet to be released, Niji no Conquistador and the online illustrator community pixiv are collaborating with Village Vanguard to release a series of T-shirts with artwork by Mangatarou, Mel Kishida, and Yurie Sekiya.

The first run of shirts for the Idol T-shirt Project will be released as the same time as “Senjo no St. Valentine” on February 11th and there are plans to continue the series with other artists in the future. Those who purchase the shirts will receive silver or gold chocolate tickets (The type of ticket depends on the price of the shirt and the tickets are not actually made out of chocolate so, please don’t try to eat them.) which can be redeemed at an event which has yet to be announced. Shirts will be available to purchase at places like Village Vanguard and Niji no Conquistador’s online store.

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