Yumemiru Adolescence’s Spring Tour Rolls Through Tokyo at Shimokitazawa Garden!

Yumemiru Adolescence’s Spring Tour Rolls Through Tokyo at Shimokitazawa Garden!

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Yumemiru Adolescence touched down at Shimokitazawa Garden for the second stop of their Osaka/Tokyo/Nagoya tour on March 8, 2015 and they sparkled brightly despite the clouds overhead.

Taking the stage in the floral print sleeveless dresses from their early days, Yumemiru Adolescence took the stage to the loud chanting and energetic penlight waving of their fans. Launching straight into “Stealth Bukai 25:00” followed by “Syoumei Teenager”, they got the crowd riled up even more, their movements as sharp as broken glass.

Introducing themselves and greeting the audience, leader Karin Ogino noted that the weather was bad, alluding to the belief that the members of Yumemiru Adolescence are prone to bringing rain wherever they go. This was a bit of an overstatement as it was simply cloudy that day.

Yumemiru Adolescence eased off the throttle with the midtempo guitar rock “Doko ni demo iru, Itatte Futsuu” and “Heroine”. They twirled, gyrated at the waist (like that move from the Matrix), and moved like puppets on strings to the electronic beats of “Zettaiteki Sympathy”.

Taking a break, as the temperature had risen in the venue, they checked the audience to see who had come from the furthest away and were surprised to hear that they had fans from Hong Kong and Philippines in attendance. Karin commented “It’ll be great to be able to go see everyone all over the world…”, which may have been a hint at future overseas events being in the process of being planned?

Switching topics, Saitama native Kyoka asked, “Where are the Saitama people at?” The discussion moved to the members talking up the good points of Tokyo’s northern neighbor. Yuumi Shida attempted to imitate characters from the anime Crayon Shinchan but, was handily defeated by Rei Kobayashi (also from Saitama), prompting Karin to suggest that Rei be in charge of that from now on. Yuumi tried to strike back by volunteering to imitate Anpanman but was stopped when reminded that it had nothing to do with Saitama.

Kyoka wound up an imaginary music box and the members of Yumemiru Adolescence moved like dancing automatons to “Hanamomo”. The temperature jumped sharply as they moved into fan favorite “Candy-chan”, the call and response was thunderous as the imaginary train (one of the main dance moves looks like the wheels on a steam locomotive) rolled along.

After a short instrumental break, Yumemiru Adolescence reappeared wearing the outfits from their major label debut single “Bye Bye My Days”, with Rei and Kyoka’s hair up in twin-tails. Coming out guns blazing with “Nakimushi Sniper→”, they made heads spin during “Mawaru Sekai” before stopping for a short quiz show talk segment that had Akari Yamada as the host and judge. Despite it being said that her and textbooks were like “pearls and swine” (in Japanese, the saying is “neko ni koban”, a cat with a gold coin), Yuumi managed to win.

Launching into “Bye Bye My Days”, they waved their handkerchiefs to the guitar-driven rock song that was to usher in the new stage in their development. Moving on to the electronic pop fan favorite “Himawari Heart”, the audience jumped up and down and chanted loudly throughout the song, intensifying as the set ended with “JUMP!”, one fan trying to wave his handful of 7 orange penlights like a towel.

The encore call began as soon as Yumemiru Adolescence left the stage and they returned shortly declaring the daytime performance of the Tokyo stop on their tour to have ended successfully. Kyoka was about to thank the audience with her catchphrase “San-Kyoka” (a combination of the Japanese pronunciation of “thank you” (sankyuu) and her name) but was stopped by Karin, who reminded her to do it properly. The reminded worked as the entire audience called out “San-Kyoka” along with her enthusiastically. Remarking that they had performed “DATE COUNT FIVE” for the first time in Osaka, they figured they would do it again that day. While the MV for the song is already cute, the live version of “DATE COUNT FIVE” takes the cuteness to another level! The encore came to an end with the fist-pumping rock of “17:30 no Anime”.

Even with the end of the daytime performance, Yumemiru Adolescence was not done! They cheerfully shook hands and posed for 2-shots with their fans for what seemed like hours, Kyoka’s “San-Kyoka” ringing out every few seconds. To realize that within a few hours they would be on the stage again to perform the evening show, it was a reminder that idols are a lot stronger than their cute appearances would lead one to believe. Based on the short performance at Shimokitazawa Garden on March 8th, their tour final at the legendary Nakano Sun Plaza should be a show not to miss!

Set List
01. Stealth Bukai 25:00
02. Shoumei Teenager
03. Doko ni demo iru, Itatte Futsuu
04. Heroine
05. Zettaiteki Sympathy
06. Hanamomo
07. Candy-chan
08. Nakimushi Sniper→
09. Mawaru Sekai
10. Bye Bye My Days
11. Himawari Heart
12. JUMP!

E2. 17:30 no Anime

Yumemiru Adolescence #Yume-Tomo no Wa Tour 2015 Haru Tour Final
Nakano Sun Plaza
Nakano 4-1-1, Nakano-ku, Tokyo
April 25, 2015 (Saturday)
Open: 5:00pm Start: 5:45pm
4,500 yen

Yumemiru Adolescence Official Website :


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