Yumemiru Adolescence Welcome New Days Ahead With Success of Nakano Sun Plaza Tour Final!

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Yumemiru Adolescence Welcome New Days Ahead With Success of Nakano Sun Plaza Tour Final!

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Yumemiru Adolescence stepped up to their biggest challenge of 2015 when they took the stage for the final performance of their Yumemiru Adolescence “#Yume-Tomo no Wa Tour 2015 Haru” at the legendary Nakano Sun Plaza on April 25th.

As soon as the house lights dimmed and the familiar “OVERTURE” ran out through the venue, the “Yumetomo” (literally “friend of yume”, it is a term for Yumemiru Adolescence’s fans) came alive as their chants were mixed in and penlights in the five members’ colors waved steadily. Stepping onto the stage, Yumemiru Adolescence did a short dance solo as their names flashed on a screen behind them.

Changing from their usual opening song, Yumemiru Adolescence jumped right into their major debut single “Bye Bye My Days”, waving their handkerchiefs and radiating the power gained from the whirlwind of events they had experienced in 2015 so far. Continuing with “Mawaru Sekai”, they waved their arms and rocked back and forth as the Yumetomo clapped along to the beats and danced along.

After a short self-introduction, leader Karin Ogino called out to the crowd and asked if they were excited, the reply coming in a roar! Akari Yamada called out with a “Piyo Piyo!” and Kyoka gave a cheerful “San-Kyoka!” (a combination of the Japanese pronunciation of “thank you” (sankyuu) and her name)

Strutting and kicking up their heels to the steady mid-tempo rock of “Doko ni demo iru, Itatte Futsuu”, Yumemiru Adolescence shifted from live house to night club as the beats of “Junjou Marionette” thumped heavier than usual and the synth melody sliced through the air.

Asking which Yumetomo came from the furthest away, there were several shouts of “Thailand!”, “Hong Kong!”, and “Malaysia!”, mixed in with the ever popular “Saitama!” (it’s a joke because Saitama is right outside Tokyo but also where Kyoka and Rei Kobayashi are from). Urging the international Yumetomo to go out and increase their ranks, Yumemiru Adolescence slowed things as they stood behind microphone stands and sung the “vaguely ballad-like” slow rock song “Himitsu”, showing off the lower registers of their vocal range.

Moving to the chairs set up at the front of the stage backed by lighting that looked like a star-filled night sky, a stripped down version of “Namida ga Deru kurai Tsutaetai Omoi” that was mostly piano and vocals smoothed out the mood even further. The stage went dark and a video showing Karin starting to talk about the tour goods was interrupted by Yuumi Shida dressed as Kokoro Tsumuguru from the animation RPG Xuccess Heaven attempting to hijack the conversation. Deciding to settle things with a janken battle, Karin eventually won but time ran out and the members returned to the stage in black sleeveless dresses with pink trim to perform the cute “DREAM COUNT FIVE”.

With Kyoka winding up the imaginary music box, the pace began to pick up with “Hanamomo” before jumping into hyperdrive with the infectious fan favorite “Candy-chan”. Moving their arms like a speeding locomotive and leading the Yumetomo in an extended call and response, it felt like the concert was reaching its climax!

Transitioning seamlessly into “Nakimushi Sniper→”, Yumemiru Adolescence shot signed plastic balls into the audience in addition to their already deadly finger guns as they aimed for the hearts of all the Yumetomo in attendance.

Allowing the audience and themselves to cool off a little, they went into a quiz show segment hosted by Akari Yamada. Yuumi Shida had problems sitting because her stack of cushions was so high but in the ended up losing them all. Topics ranged from naming terrible super powers to have or reimagining the Statue of Liberty doing a cute pose. There were also endless attempts to curry favor with Akari by using her “Piyo Piyo” catch phrase in the answers.

As the loser of the game, Yuumi was subjected to a painful foot massage, a common punishment on Japanese variety shows.

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